If you haven’t checked Part I yet, here’s the article’s link here. As I was exploring this new artistic world of Metal illustrations, more and more artists started to emerge, and the good thing is that they are all connected to one another, whether being Myspace contacts, sharing others’ links on their websites or collaborating on several drawings!

This next list of artists impressed me with their projects and contributions for which Metal fans are praising, although there’s little online coverage on the matter; their Myspace profiles and official websites should give you a sense of their importance in the global Metal scene.

  • Modern Artwork Part II
  • Mark Riddick

Mark Riddick is a modern underground extreme artist who’s creating a signature style for himself and is sought for by many modern Death Metal and Deathcore bands. I kinda went carefully over his illustrations, to choose a couple of them that had little religious references since the guy likes corpses, skulls and general gore.


Mark Riddick Illustration

  • Aaron Crawford

Aaron Crawford is a young artist (he also plays drums) with a bright future. He worked with several important and known bands such as Suicide Silence, Veil of Maya, Into Eternity, Himsa and many more. I came across this artist through Mark Riddick’s connections, since he looks up to Mark and his works. Aaron handles lots of different jobs from logo design, cd art/album layouts, poster/flyer design, buttons/sticker/patch design, etc. I was personally blown away with his works, a very creative and innovative dude who’s currently most sought for in the t-shirt industry!

Aaron Crawford - The Hatchlings

Orbweaver t-shirt by Aaron Crawford

  • Thomas Denney

Thomas Denney is a hard working artist who’s involved in movies, art books, animations, album artwork and much more (has a degree in arts and film)! He happens to have the most extensive illustrations gallery on his website, so make sure you visit it. Some of his works go to Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Pelican, Human Abstract and many more. As Tom puts it, “I have developed a reputation for being fast, reliable, detail orientated and extremely one of a kind. It is guaranteed that I will produce something original from a unique perspective.”

Cannibal Corpse by Tom Denney


  • Ryan Kasparian

Ryan Kasparian is also a young artist who impressed me with his neat detailed work, especially when I saw this Ion Dissonance shirt design on his Myspace profile (which Tom Denney commented on, quote “Thats really awesome”). Ryan has worked with several acclaimed bands such as Pig Destroyer, Ion Dissonance, Vader, Full Blown Chaos, Malefice, Veil of Maya, plus many more! His work mostly revolves around t-shirts as well as web-design, stickers and more.

Ion Dissonance by Ryan Kasparian

Iscariot by Ray Kasparian

  • Links

Mark Riddick’s Official Site

Aaron Crawford’s Official Site

Ryan Kasparian’s Official Site