As most metalheads, we in knew about Rockin’ the Woods at least three months ago and started preparing to support, attend and enjoy it. Sadly not many people were prepared for the event; the approximated cost of attending Rock in the Woods was 40$ ticket + a maximum of 45 $ of food for three days +10 $ for bus: every metalhead should have put aside and amount of a 100 $ for the year’s biggest rock event! By biggest rock event I mean > 30 band > 3 days ! > Camping !


The road was a bit long and hard to find for those who aren’t familiar with the area and with no GPS, but the bus easily solved that issue (providing no excuse for location difficulties).

The band line-up was a huge one, assembled from the best and most talented local bands and with a great variety of styles…

The sound (everyone agreed) was the best ever provided for a local event and most of the time, was crystal clear, powerful and enjoyably reaching the tents between the trees a hundred and fifty meter away…

It was a long and wonderful event. We are not used to that and we wont get used to it easily.


I will surely not comment on every band that performed in the event and mention every detail that has already been mentioned elsewhere on the net but I shall mention some important facts: the stage was BIG for a band to go crazy on! All bands were really prepared for the event and had one of their best performances: I shall particularly mention Primal! Primal went on stage knowing that they will be delivering their best performance! The vocalist Kevo Kelougian had shifted his voice style to a meaner, more testosterone-filled one and the guitars did not fail to assist on those roars! Primal were requested for an encore and the crowd where shouting their name.

Another astonishing band with a unique performance and an encore request was “Hezb El Taleta”, an experimental rock band fusing rock with electronic ambient music.

Bandage had a small drawback of not having their lead guitar player Mr.Issam Abed el Nour and that had set back their performance at the event…


There was another something missing at the event, a host… Most of the bands that went on stage forgot to introduce themselves and not all of them are widely known… (I should also mention that in a media presented article, it was mentioned that Dual Core have performed though that ain’t totally right).

The most memorable performance for me was the Deep Purple track played at the last day by the last All Star band and sang by Bassem Deaibess: “When a Blind Man Cries”.

We would like to thank EM management, all who worked on the event and all the bands for this well organized 3-day event.

We would also like to say to those who stayed home: “YOU HAVE MISSED THREE GREAT DAYS!”