In the recent years I have seen many reports claiming that the landing on the moon was all fake!

I am sure many of you watched the report aired on BBC and other documentaries aired on Discovery channel that counter-argument the claim of the landing being fake.

The whole thing reminded me of a metal video I saw and quickly started comparing it to the documentaries.

The conclusion was that Rammstein did not land on the moon!

The evidences are in those pictures!


Picture 1: 1 ) It is impossible to survive on the moon without having a pressurized helmet. At vacum space there is no oxygen and any living organism that depends on oxygen will die.

2) It is impossible to sing using a microphone as the sound wave will not be detected. Sound waves are mechanical waves, they require a mass to travel through not vacuum.

3) Hair gel cannot be used in vacuum space as it will evaporate. Also the human body is thought to explode in vacuum.


Picture 2: 1) American Indians do not live on the surface of the moon.

2) It is impossible to make a fire in no oxygen environment.

3) It is impossible to make rain fall where there is no clouds and no evaporated water.


Picture 3: 1) A flipper would be a boring game on the surface of the moon as the ball will move slowly.

2) It is too costly to move a flipper game to the moon and the game has no scientific use.

3) Ski shoes do not function properly with space suits.

Those evidence where presented by NA2SA!

You can watch the full video here and add some arguments to mine! We must prove that Rammstein did not land on the moon!