• Introduction

Mike Patton (1968-present) is an American music icon whose contributions are too many to cite, projects too experimental to appeal to the majority and importance too high too simply ignore. Some regard him as one of the most versatile vocalists of modern times (uses techniques such as rapping, death growling, beatboxing, mouth music (Puirt A Beul), crooning > Frank Sinatra-style, scatting > improvised vocal singing with meaningless syllables (kinda like a vocal solo) and many more!), while others simply couldn’t cope with Mike’s experimental ways of presenting music of all genres.


Well, Mike’s projects influenced a whole generation of experimental and avant-garde bands, his vocal talent portrayed in bands, orchestras, video games and movie characters alike; the man’s contributions speak for him!

  • Projects/Contributions

He’s well known for his works with Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fant