Metal Bands are not the only ones that cover another genre of music! Classical Music groups cover Metal music as well! I have always enjoyed covers, they sometimes have something more to present, maybe a different view of the music, new emotions.

Consider this as an informative article.

I was looking for cover bands and I came across those artists:

  • Apocalyptica (early works)

I know most of metalheads know Apocalyptica for their Metallica covers and current works. Apocalyptica was initially a group of cello playing friends who used to practice together classical music, they all liked metal so they tried playing some metal riffs, eventually playing some metal covers and then releasing a demo CD covering Metallica that was their launching point into fame. At the beginning there was no drums playing it was only the sound of Four cellos.

  • Scott D. Davis

Another artist covering Metallica for a start! Launching him into fame and giving his later released albums more attention.

  • Scott Lavender

Is a classical Piano player and composer.It seems He is one of the big Iron Maiden fans and he has released a cover album covering Iron Maiden tracks on piano only. Its somehow a new way to cover a multi instrument music by one instrument the piano but sometimes with three pianos playing at the same time.

  • Silenzium: A group of friends although classically trained on classical instruments but with the love for metal covering some of the best tracks in the genre.

  • String Quatret

A somehow obscure band with really talented artists and virtuosos releasing album after album each covering one band, like Dream Theater / Red Hot Chili Peppers / System Of a Down / Muse / Tool / Nine Inch Nails /Led Zeppelin / Disturbed /Alice in Chains /Pink Floyd and many others…