The event took place at The Quadrangle Pub – Hazmieh on Tuesday July 13, 2010. The performers were:

Amadeus Awad on the guitar.

Featuring: Vik Bajak on bass.Tony Abou Haydar on drums.Charles Sawma on keyboards.

  • For me, as a guitar player, the event was an opportunity to analyze and understand Amadeus’s style and curability in making music. At first, the songs seemed like repetitive rhythms to which the solos added great flair and diversity. But then I was shocked when I found out that nothing was prepared and that everything was improvised on-stage. I was impressed by the performers’ ability to keep the groove going as well as Amadeus’s variety in his solos. Obviously, this is a result of great chemistry and communication among these musicians.


The ambiance and atmosphere were incredible and the sound great as well. All instruments were heard clearly, and no technical problems occurred. Another great thing is that lots of people showed up.

  • Seven songs were played that night which are originals by Amadeus and they are:

1 – Your Epilogue2 – Silent Moon’ologues3 – Radio Active Nightmares4 – Full Moon Murder5 – Horizontal Scan6 – April Skies7 – Anthropomorphism

From what I noticed in the performance, the first songs were fueled with emotions especially “Silent Moon’ologues” which had a very romantic sound. “Full Moon Murder” had a very fast and groovy rhythm and the solos became more funk-oriented with a lot of crazy whammy bar action leading to odd yet great sounds, “Horizontal Scan” had a cool bass solo in it and “April Skies” was a positive-sounding acoustic song.


To sum it all up, the performance was great, the music was flawless and the entire atmosphere of the night was incredible. Amadeus and the rest of the band did a great job.