In celebration of its 1000th post, published a digital compilation which includes bands from all over the world, and surely enough, got to choose one band as the Lebanese pick for the free compilation! is one of’s oldest supporters / friendly sites and we’re happy to promote their success and continuous support for music worldwide! The site is run by iRoar, a man whose simple passion is “sharing music with friends, and other metal heads”. Well guess what? That matches with our purpose and we believe that deserves to be credited for its work in the global metal scene!

    So WHO did we chose and why? Well being a metal compilation (not rock), we looked back to the few past years to recall which songs had a big impact on the Lebanese metal scene once they were released, and we basically had 3 choices. We eventually chose the band which needs more exposure than the rest. So that was it… PostMortem, the Lebanese band who’s working on their first official album and who released “Whipser of Ages” a while ago which really impressed the majority of the local metal fans.

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