• Event Details

Monarchy is entering the studio [Grind Studios (Roy Naufal)to record their first and new progressive power metal album which includes heavy riffs and tunes ( 6 songs/ 1 hour of material).

The album’s name is: The Rise & The Fall At Lantis.

They need a fundraiser to support all the costs, RMLB adopted the idea and is organizing this event.

  • Event Line-up

Primal (Pantera)

Frozen Flames (Iron Maiden)

Monarchy (Dream Theater + Originals)

  • Event Entrance:

15 000 L.L. + 1 Drink

Event Location: Nova sin el fil (Facing Habtoor Hotel)

RMLB are going to install more speakers to nova’s sound system + some lights/lasers + smoke machine to improve the general atmosphere of the event.

Patrick Saad from Lebmetal.com will be selling -out of print- collectors’ rock cards for cheap prices (Anthrax, Exodus, Testament (etc) and “legends” cards > The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc)

A DVD of the event will be made and sold after the event!

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  • Interview with Monarchy
  • Monarchy’s first album! You guys are seriously going full length with 1 hour of material (6 songs only). Tell us shortly about the recording process itself (at Grind Studios).

Actually, progressive metal songs are known for long lengths and diversity of moods and progressions. During the first week following the concert, we’re going to enter Grind Recording studios (Roy Naufal), the recording process should not take more than 2 weeks, knowing that the mixing phase is the longest, the album is probably going to b released in mid August.

  • What about the album’s story itself? It seems like you have a concept album going here.

The album is called ‘The Rise And The Fall Atlantis’. You must have noticed the pun. We chose the story of Atlantis because many of you already know the main story about the lost city, and how the people betrayed their king and how the city sank, but we took the liberty of adding a bit of ‘Monarchy’ to it. The album CD is going to contain a catalog, with a brief summary of the story. A narrator who survived the sinking, is going to tell the story throughout 5 songs, and the last song is an instrumental.

  • What will the Lebanese metal scene expect from this release? Progressive mastery and killer 10 min songs I would suppose?

We’re already close to finishing our second album containing 12 to 14 songs, divided into two parts. I can tell you that our first album is the least progressive. We agreed on putting it under the style of Progressive Power metal, which goes with the story of the king who ruled Atlantis while it still existed. The songs contain some epic riffs ,tunes and melodies that would please any music fan of any genre. But we never forget the progressive fans as we are inspired by the style that they love. The 6th song of the album is a 20 minute instrumental song bringing you progressive music in all aspects and diversity of moods. So yes,people can expect Progressive mastery and killer 10 min songs, and they can expect very heavy progressive metal, never seen before in Lebanon.


  • Will you guys play songs from the album at The Rise & The Fall event?

In The Rise & The Fall event, we are going to play some songs from the album that we like to call the people’s songs to get the crowd more excited about the album.

  • Any last words for your fans and progressive and power metal fans in general?

It would be pretentious to think that we already have a large amount of fans, but what we would say is have faith in us and support us, come check us at our concert. That way we will build a bond with people who enjoy our music and are willing to go on with the show throughout our journey.

  • Interview with RMLB
  • Tell us more about the purpose behind this fund-raiser event.

The main purpose of the event is to get Monarchy, Primal & Frozen Flames more fans, and reduce the recording costs so Monarchy could afford recording their new album. Plus we’ll deliver people on hell of a show with those 3 different styles merging from heavy to Thrash/Groove and finally to the progressive style which is a bit neglected in Lebanon.

The Rise & The Fall

  • How did RMLB came across this opportunity? Did Monarchy (the band which the event’s earnings will help in their album recording fees) contact you guys asking for assistance?

Alain Ibrahim, Monarchy’s founder and lead guitarist is my friend at school and he kept me updated about the progress in his album. Then he told me that he was going to organize an event in order to get some money to record the album. After 2 days, I offered him organizing the event for him, as we might get more attendees to the event.

  • Nova’s sound system tends to be a bit messy nowadays. What’s the plan regarding that matter?

We’re going to add 1 bass (1000 W) and 2 speakers to Nova’s sound system. And Roy Naufal is going to bring his own Mixer. Thanks Roy=D

Plus we’re going to add a small smoke machine and a Green Laser for more effects.

  • Is it true that you’re planning to sell a DVD of the event?

There will be 6 or 7 video cams filming the event, and I want to thank Georges Sakr who will handle “the montage” in order to get a great DVD. The DVD will be sold at about 5 000 L.L. (depending on the costs). And there will be 4 people photographing.

  • What will RMLB improve over their first event which was held earlier this year at Tantra Kaslik?

We will improve organization of the event, but this time it is much easier because it’s a Nova event, not Tantra.

  • Any final words to the LebMetal.com readers and Lebanese metalheads?

Hope to see you many to support Monarchy and the other bands =D. If anyone has a suggestion or a complaint we’ll be happy to hear from you.