• Review by a contributor
  • Primal


The vocalist had a really bad voice, I barely heard him sing, he was basically yelling incomprehensible words, not to mention the over boosted guitar and bass when they were playing: their overall performance was O.K.

  • Frozen Flames


The music they played was almost great, the vocalist did a great job so did the rest of the band. All instruments were clear, a little better than Primal’s. Their performance was real good, didn’t expect any less from the guys.

  • Monarchy

Ok, to be honest, the first track was way beyond what I expected, young but very talented guys. Second was their original, really nice guitar combinations and rhythms.

The vocalist and the rest of the band did a good job all along till the end. It was a sick performance especially towards the end and i guess no one can deny it.

Overall the event was good, but over-boosted music was annoying and very disturbing at times. Such amount of equipment is way beyond what is needed in such a compact and confined place.

  • Review by Rami Rouhana

In the event organized by RMLB, I sat there as an attendee not as a reviewer and did not plan to review the event thus I did not focus on every second of the event and I was somehow busy with the Metal Cards we were selling.


For the event I have a few words to say: organizing was good, promoting was good, sound was great and as Charbel mentioned above, a bit more than needed. Roy told us once that the sound level at metal concerts is 120~125 db average but isn’t that for large halls !? (Don’t explain to me what db is, I know what it is 😛 ,still there is what we call reverb and resonance)

For the bands’ performances, it was the first time I see Primal on stage and the first impression I got is that the vocalist did not suit the music (I am surely expecting someone to get angry and start shouting here but I have to say my opinion and the few opinions I have heard of people around me). I must clarify that my friend Charbel is not an official reviewer of Lebmetal.com but he is a friend of ours who wanted to write his opinion without knowing anyone of the bands on stage and without having any subjective opinion.

As for Frozen Flames, that wasn’t their first performance that I attend and I am not going to say anything again. I just need to mention that someone found them a bit “Cocky” but that’s an opinion I heard and disagree with.


Finally, the last band Monarchy! Good Luck ! Great Music! Great Originals! The album is going to be a success but be careful not to repeat yourselves too much; I sensed some monotone similarity in “Progressive Metal” tracks.


One last word: we know that few know what a metal card is and what is it for and I am sure all attendees noticed that we did not intensively promote them. That was done for a reason and soon you will all know! See you all soon in the next event!

  • We also received this brief review by Saria Beainy:

The next band playing at Monarchy’s album release was Frozen Flames. Having been criticized about their unchanged play-list from their first appearance up till their last, it was quite obvious that the band had put much effort in broadening that list. They played a new range of Maiden songs including Clansman, Rainmaker, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Iron Maiden, and four other hits. There were some minor yet noticeable mistakes in the band’s performance. Yet despite it all, they were quite successful at moving the crowd, and intensely so.