Frozen Flames are:

Gerard Gulgulian: 26 years old / started singing 2 years ago, mainly self taught.

Wissam Abboud: 17 years old /Have be learning guitar with a teacher and playing for 3 years.

Roy Lteif: 19 years old / been playing for 3 years mainly self taught

Jad Youssef: 17 years old / been playing Bass Guitar for 9 month

John Ghanem: 17 years old / Learned to play the drums for 9 month with a teacher and been playing for a year and a half.

These guys play covers of Iron Maiden stuff and they play it well, considering the time these guys have been playing on the instruments it is obvious they have great talent in what they are doing and in merging as a solid band.

I would like to thank Wissam, Roy, Jad, Gerard and John for this Interview. We met, sat down and had a long talk. Thank you for your time.


Rami: How did you guys gather to form frozen flames?

Frozen Flames: We are all metalhead neighbors and we found each other by the efforts of Wissam former of the band. Gerard was the last one to join he lives a bit far he found us after a vocalist request we have put on a website

Rami: When was your first performance?

Frozen Flames: Our first performance was in Massaya Zouk in December 2009. You can find more details about past concerts and band biography on our website http://frozen–

Rami: Where do you regularly practice and for how long?

Frozen Flames: We practice at zico local in Jounieh for two hours a week of course we practice more when we have a gig coming. People sometimes gather to watch us practice. We had a crowd of 10 people once 😛


Gerard Gulgulian || Vocals

Rami: Do you face any problems during practice? Is everyone committed to the band and always comes prepared?

Frozen Flames: We never have major problems in practices if there is a certain riff that we keep stumbling in we keep practicing it till we nail it and then move on. Everyone comes on time to the practice and well prepared. No one ever missed a practice. We arrive with enthusiasm because we know we have a potential and a good future. We all have the same goal. (Jad: we want to be better than maiden: p)

Rami: Bands always have a mascot member, that cheers everyone up and keep the band together free of any stress. Who is Frozen Flames mascot?

Frozen Flames: Well Roy is the one the keeps us entertained mostly. He is always jumping around in practices and making funny sh**. Roy is our “Po” …


Roy Lteif || Guitar

Rami: Why did you choose to cover Iron Maiden? Wasn’t there bands covering Iron Maiden at the times you started?

Frozen Flames: We all like Iron Maiden! Everyone likes Iron Maiden! A year ago we guess Anarchy, Oblivion and Metamorphism where playing some Iron Maiden covers; somehow we think we are different.

Rami: What are you guys preparing for the concert organized by RMLB on July 12?

Frozen Flames: An entirely new playlist! Eight new tracks and we are most excited to play “Brave New World”, “The Clansman”, “Iron Maiden” and “Rainmaker”.


Jad Youssef || Bass Guitar

Rami: I have heard people criticizing you for imitating Rock In Rio concert, I although felt that. What do you have to say for that?

Frozen Flames: Well we did not aim to imitate it, we work on our move s on stage and practice some choreography but the rest comes naturally from our excitement.

Rami: What band would you like to share the stage with and why?

Frozen Flames: We would like to play alongside Oblivion, Bandage and Scar, they are good friends of ours.


John Ghanem || Drums

Rami: What about the bands you are sharing the stage with on July 12?

Frozen Flames: We already played twice with Monarchy and we know Primal members and we are tirelessly preparing for the concert.

Rami: Are you guys working on originals? How do you distribute the work on that?

Frozen Flames: Yes we are. Jad works on the lyrics, Wissam makes the basic riffs and we all work together on making the whole track. We will produce a demo CD eventually.


Wissam Abboud || Guitar

Rami: Would you probably cover other bands in the future?

Frozen Flames: Of course. We are planning to cover Dio, Dream Evil, Manowar and Hammerfall in future gigs.

Rami: What would you like to have in a concert as a band playing?

Frozen Flames: We always dream of the BIG stage! We need a space to jump and run and act crazy! Wireless Jacks would be great too!

Rami: What do you aim for on the long run?

Frozen Flames: Our aim is to become a big band in Europe and we will keep chasing that dream!