We have lost a great genius but we will never forget him. Ronnie James Dio will always be in the minds and hearts of all metalheads in generations to come and in all books of music culture and history.

Dio our captain to where you say we sail! Ay Ay Captain!

I must explain that I did not attend the event to review it and thus I shall try not do so… I just wanted to point out some interesting things that happened.

The event was organized and announced in a hurry. Everyone got excited and yes there was a really impressive attendance!

The night started with a DVD of one of Dio’s concerts played on big screen. Everyone sat around the screen and watched silently.

There was no full band line up playing except Sphere that played some of their great c originals. The most captivating voice was the voice of Sphere’s lead vocalist Daya Kay.

Sphere at Dio Tribute Event (Nova)

Other people that went on stage were Roy Naufal, Dani Deaibess, Bassem Deaibess, Nathalie Jeha, Nigol Ozz and many others.

The most important thing at the event was the signing of a poster of Dio to be sent to the Dio foundation “Stand Up and Shout”. Surprisingly and for no obvious reason, not all attendees signed the poster. For me that was a bit devastating: I kept thinking why? I kept hearing someone scream:”Who did not sign yet ? Did you sign…? Did you?”

The poster was hung on the wall half full of signatures.

Dio Poster

I would like to know what happened later? Was the poster fully filled with signatures?

Why didn’t all attendees sign? Is there a shame in that? Didn’t we all gather for Dio in the first place?!