Now this is a band that you guys have probably heard of.

Recently, a good friend of mine whom I won’t mention his name (because he is the one whom we do not pronounce his name), literally annoyed the shit out of me to give it a listen.

So eventually, after several month of constant nagging, I ended up having my hands on the “higher place” Born of Osiris album.

Born of Osiris! God what a band! This is one of those master bands that have enormous musical talent, that mixes both technique, virtuosity, and catchyness.

They are like Dream Theater of progressive metal, they are like the Linkin Park of nu rock, the Killswitch Engage of Metalcore, the Fergie of ROCK! (YES , FERGIE CAN SING ROCK BETTER THAN ANYONE )

Born Of Osiris

Yes, you guessed it, BOO is a mix of everything, (along with Veil of Maya that shares the same style). New modern metal at its best! Experimentation to the max! And off course, the most amazing melodies you will ever hear.

If you are a person who likes music and appreciates musicianship, and if you like to hear “heavenly tunes” mixed up with a bit of metal feel, then this album is for you.

I don’t really like track by track reviews, because I find them unconventional, so I ll go ahead and describe the whole album.

“A higher place”, when you hear such a title, what do you imagine? A higher place, perhaps a heavenly place, an alien world, another dimension…

That’s exactly what you feel in their music. They give you that impression of wonder, and awe like emotion. The melodies are by far very original, and not that brazen. If I can describe the music in one word, it would be simply arcane.

Also, there are enormous prog influences, mainly the various shifts and unconventional song structures. In addition, odd timing and math rock elements are omnipresent, which leaves us, prog fans, jaw broken by how easy it is to be heard regardless of its complexity.

The songs are very short, very catchy, and very complex at the same time.