On the 14th of May, Cheers pub in Broumana witnessed the creation of a new band named “Harvest”.

The band performed a 45-60 minute set, covering some of the best songs by Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and Muse to name a few.

The playlist included the following songs:

Blackest EyesLazarusOpen CarComfortably NumbHeart Attack In a Lay ByAyo TechnologyHey YouShe’s Moved OnTime Is Running Out


Although it was their first live performance, they did not get nervous and panic during the first song.”Harvest” performed well, and had good synchronization in general.


Their performance remained well during the next song “Lazarus” but the keyboardist went a bit off-key in the beginning of the song but quickly solved the problem and got back on the road.


One of my favorite songs for pink Floyd is “Comfortably numb” and “Harvest” did a great job in covering it. I loved the guitar solo played by Hani but he has to work more on his bending in order to hit the notes accurately and make the song sound perfect.


One of the songs that I enjoyed in the event is “Ayo Technology”. I liked the drums in it. They reminded me of some “ARK” and “Pain of Salvation” songs but Elio and the others have to work on synchronizing the drums with the tempo of the song. What I really liked in the song is the background guitar solo played by Ramzi giving the song special mood.Ramzi also did a good job with a solo played on “She’s Moved On”although he had some mistakes in tracks when he missed the timing.


Shiraz, the lead vocalist, had a pretty good voice in general, however, he had trouble in executing high pitches, so he needs a bit of practice in order to perfect his voice.

Nareg seemed like he was doing a good job on the bass, however the bass was low during the entire the event so it was a bit hard to hear it.


In general for their first concert “Harvest” has give us a good impression, and the variety of songs helped make their show even better. Overall, they had a good performance, even though the sound wasn’t very good. They did a good job, but they have to work on minor issues in order to improve and become ready for playing in big events.