In a brief description, Memories is an acoustic band playing alternative and metal covers with emerging originals. The band consists of Daniel Hachem on violin, Giuseppe Boschiero on lead guitar and Karl Zreik on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Before going for the Interview questions I sat down with the guys from Memories and asked them a bit about their musical background, experience and some personal stuff that might relate to music. I first asked them to describe each other and then to individually talk about themselves.


Daniel learned to play the violin for eight years. He played with an oriental orchestra at the age of 15, and joined Winter’s Embrace, who were formerly named Syndrome, worked on two originals with the band, and left a year ago for personal reasons.

Giuseppe talking about Daniel: He has the personal touch and the style and likes to improvise a lot.

Karl talking about Daniel: He has taste and great talent when it comes to playing the violin.


At the age of 15, Karl sang in a band called Sequence covering Metallica but never played live. At the age of 17 he took lessons for seven months in classical guitar and vocals.

Giuseppe talking about Karl: He has a good voice; we’ve been singing and humming together for five years in scout.

Daniel talking about Karl: He has an emotional voice which suits an acoustic band greatly.


At the age of 16 took, he took classical guitar lessons for two months and started to learn by himself after. He was first largely influenced by Iron Maiden but now he considers Sister Hazel a bigger part of his influence

Karl talking about Giuseppe: Mascot of the band! He is always providing us the energy and enthusiasm.

Daniel talking about Giuseppe: We’ve been friends since our first year in college and played before in several occasions and really enjoyed it.


Now for the Interview:

On behalf of I would like to thank Memories for this Interview and wish them good luck in all future activities.

Rami: When and how did memories come together?

Giuseppe: We started in august 2008 with me and Sako from Level 7 (ex-Overload) as an acoustic metal cover band. Sako’s voice did not vibe well with the style so then Karl joined in October 2008 and Daniel joined us in the second concert we played and he stuck with us till now! : P

Rami: What are your influences and what do you currently play?

Giuseppe: Mainly we have a long list of influences but the most influential band for me is Sister Hazel. For Daniel it’s power metal in general and for Karl its’ alternative rock.

What we play is somehow a mix of that, a bit of each and in the originals it’s a big experimental field. We still add some oriental touches in what we make.

Rami: Name your favorite tracks in the playlist; the ones you enjoy playing the most.

Karl: Sweet Home Alabama /Highway to Hell / Everything Changes

Daniel: Knocking on Heaven’s door/Sweet Home Alabama/Hotel California

Giuseppe: Feel no Pain (Our original)/Iron Maiden medley / Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Rami: How much do you practice together?

All: Twice a week! (SCREAMING)

We actually had that as a problem, we could not practice enough and

barely had any common free time but we have currently reorganized our time and scheduled two practices per week.


Rami: Where have you played so far?

Daniel : We have played two times in Shisha Bar , once at Cheers , twice at Nova and five times up-to-date in Mon General. We have also played as a heavier version of Memories with friends Eli Rassi from Bad Apples on Bass and Joseph Maalouf although form Bad Apples on drums (Daniel could not make it because he had a car accident). We played in NDU Shouf and North.

Rami: Tell me about the Originals. Are they in recording process?

All: We currently have two originals fully complete and we always perform one of them which are “Feel no Pain”. The other is “Carry Me” being currently perfected.

Giuseppe: I first wrote the first verse and chorus of lyrics and then composed all guitar lines; Karl continued the lyrics and added a guitar bridge. Daniel of naturally took care of all the violin stuff in it. Time again makes it hard for us to work more on our originals and we are trying to fix that.

Karl: We currently have two complete originals and are working on three others. I am writing the lyrics of most of them.

We recorded a low quality version of “Feel no Pain” and posted it on –>YouTube<– and our –>MySpace page<–

Giuseppe: Rabbit Hole‘s DJ Marc Nasser liked the demo and he would like to use it in his repertoire.

Rami: What is the band aiming for? What is the future of Memories?

Karl: We want people to worship us! : P

We are trying not to stay local and to make originals. We have big enthusiasm for any activity we do and I think we can make it and reach our goals.

Giuseppe: If our music project goes on, I guess we will have two lives. The support so far is great, much of it is from friends but the circle is expanding.

Daniel: We are currently recording our original “Feel no Pain” in a studio. It should be released soon.