1- What is the name of the band including members?

BESTIAL SLAUGHTER was formed in August of 2007 by Abed on guitar/bass,

Mahmoud on vocals and Shady he is a session drummer.

2- Who are your musical influences?

Well haha we have many musical influences I have my own influences mostly old school heavy,death,thrash,black metal and old school hardcore punk/. Mahmoud is influenced by thrash/punk/heavy metal mainly.

3- What are your songs about?

Our lyrical themes talks about death,life,destruction,evil,hell and heaven, Satanism and alcohol.

4- What inspires your band?

Well the society we live in, and the things our country passes through and how people treat each other in a fucked up way makes us disgusted of how the way of life is so we try to express our aggression and the bad habits in our music, and if u are asking what inspires our band(musically) you can just say Possessed slaughter and Death(first two albums and all Demos)…

5- Why did you choose to play Death/thrash specifically?

Well as you can see we are influenced by a lot of thrash/punk and heavy metal and also death metal, when we started thinking of starting a band we thought of thrash metal but then we listened to more music and then saw that Death metal started as Thrash metal but with more harsh vocals and a little faster, we liked the genre and we are very influenced by Chuck Schuldiner’s old music so we said why not start a death/thrash band and ended up here.

6- Will we see anything live from you?

Well we can’t promise that you will be seeing us live we have no drummer, since there is a lack of drummers in Lebanon and until we find a decent drummer you might expect another demo or new originals that we will release.

Thanks for the interview, Keep the metal faith alive.