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Ahmad Awad


Northern Winds

Before We Drop Dead

  • Review by Jad Jawhari

Many people had high hopes for the event and many people also thought that it would be a success. Unfortunately, the event proved to be way below average because of its dysfunctional sound system and because it was badly organized. The sound system was horrible it was annoying at times, each band had to stop 2 or 3 times during a performance in order to get the sound “working”, at times the bass was too high at others the guitar was too low to a point that it couldn’t be heard! This happened with Oblivion and Thrashstorm. I, in my eyes, saw Oblivion’s guitarist go near the sound monitors and lowering his head in order to hear his playing! Another thing that was hilarious is when someone, a staff member, put music while Oblivion where playing which seemed to be extremely rude. I can’t judge the bands’ playing or their performance since there was no appropriate sound in order to do any judgment or to make any comment. Event organization requires a lot of planning and a lot of hard work and organizers should try their best to minimize any sort of error, and to foresee what might happen in the event, and they should pay most of their attention to the sound! No matter HOW good the concert is and no matter how it was planned, if the SOUND isn’t good the event will lose all its value and the organizers hard work would go in vain. It was sad to see such event head for a free fall, I hope the organizers learned from their mistakes and hopefully they will prepare for another and a much better event.


  • Review by Rami Rouhana

Yes the sound was a Major issue at this concert! It was hard to enjoy any band’s performance. Takween’s performance seemed very short although it was the main band and the band behind the event’s organising. There was a good and somehow expected message said by Mr. Emile Moussalli (Takween’s vocalist and event organizer): “I know we are singing Jesus and I know we are not all Christians here, but there is something that unites us Christians, Druze and Muslim and its GOD”. The most interesting and catchy thing at the concert was a young year old baby, Emile’s daughter dancing on the Bass speakers next to the stage and headbanging!

  • Review by Amer Alameddine

Along with the other fans and activists in the metal scene, I had anticipated this event for a long time with high expectations because the concert involved diversity. There were bands playing black metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, melodic metal, instrumental rock, and metalcore. However, it was a bit disappointing and a lot of people left unsatisfied. People have different motives to go to concerts, but what they all commonly want is to hear decent music. The sound was terrible taking away from the quality of the music. There was too much bass most time which got fuzzy and annoying to an extent that the guitar solos were generally unheard even by the guitarists themselves. This limited the bands from sounding the best they could. I personally couldn’t hear the music well enough to give an opinion about it. Another downside of the event was how someone cut the sound when Oblivion were playing and put music instead which was very unfair and offensive. Many people complained about this issue. Another bad thing I noticed was the disrespectful attitude that some of the security members treated the fans with, even the ones that were’t doing anything wrong.