Beatraid is a rock band from Lebanon grouping five artists with the sole dream of rocking the minds of all music listeners.

Beatraid have already recorded and published their first single track “If I Die”. The music video was aired on Otv and the track was played on various radio stations in Lebanon. The track reached Romania with a success and it was aired on the radio in Romania as a first step for the band into Europe.

They are currently working on their first album which will contain a mixture of rock music styles.

  • Beatraid are:


On Drums: Michel Nehme

Influences: Iron Maiden, John Lennon, George Michael…

Playing drums for 20 years. Teaches drums in “Ecole de Musique Ghassan Yammine “and music group.


On Bass Guitar: Sammy Elie

Influences: Rainbow, Dio, Evanescence, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake…

Sammy has designed Beatraid’s logo and manufactured a custom Beatraid bass and Medallion.


On Lead Guitar: Nadim Hitti

Influences: Richie sambora, Queen, Van Halen, Richie Blackmore, Whitesnake…


On Lead Vocals: Dary

Influences: Farid El Atrache, Evanescence, Mozart, Loreena McKennitt, El Rahbani brothers, Joe Lynn Turner…

Started singing oriental at the age of 12, occidental at the age of 14.


On Keyboard & Effects: Anthony Hamawi

Influences: Dream Theater, Haggard, Within Temptation, Anathema, Metallica…


  • If I Die

Lyrics were written in 2008 by Sammy, music composed by Michel in 2008, arrangement done with the new secured band lineup in 2009, recorded and released for download on Beatraid’s official page in 2009 and played on the Radio in Romania as a first step into Europe in 2010.

  • Interview

Q1: Who are Beatraid? How did it all start?

Michel: Beatraid are Dary, Michel, Nadim, Anthony and Sammy. The band started when I met dary. We were planning to play covers. We decided to make our own songs, we met Nadim and Anthony and then Sammy joined our band. He was actually the one who had written our first song.

Q2: why “Beatraid”?

Michel: We were searching for a name that sounds different and has a double meaning. We have chosen many names and then we all agreed on Beatraid. It sounds nice.

Beatraid can be understood as betrayed as betrayal. That is how it was mistakenly written when we went performing in pubs “Betrayed”.

Q3: Who worked on the lyrics of the track “If I Die”?

All: Sammy!

Sammy: It started out as a personal love song inspired from a personal experience then it grew to a more general song and I tried to make it a song that anyone could connect to. I first came up with the chorus. “Oh baby I wonder if I die tonight would you die, would you cry for me if I die tonight would you shiver …”

Q4: How was the track composed? Who was part of the creation?

Sammy: After I have written the song I handed it to Michel because he is the brains of the band

Anthony: (sheikh el abileh :P)

Michel: I read the lyrics and I liked them. I took me about thirty minutes to compose the vocal line. Then the intro part came after a week. When you feel the words it is very easy to compose the music.

Nadim: I added the guitar verse two and I composed the solo. Michel wrote part of the guitar riff.

Sammy: All of us contributed in the overall arrangement of the song, Dary also arranged the backing vocals.

Q5: How was “If I die” recorded and where?

Michel: Details of recording are actually boring, but I can briefly say that we recorded some tracks and then some mixing and mastering was done by Wissam Badr (3rd Ear Group).

Q6: How did the Lebanese rock fans embrace the track? How are the reviews until now?

Anthony: well they loved the track even though some are people that listen to oriental music in general.

Michel: There is litle negative criticism but nothing worth mentioning.


Q7: The Official video for “If I die” is now being aired on OTV. Was it hard to convince Otv personnel to air the video?

Nadim: No. A friend of mine works in OTV. He took it to the program directors; they watched the video, liked it and accepted that the video would be aired.

Michel: We are working to have it played on other TV station and other radios.

Q8: How much work did the video shooting require? Can we get a hint on the cost?

Sammy: The actual shooting took two days and preparations took 3 weeks.

It was developed and shot by our friend George Tarabay.

Michel: As for cost. Each band member contributed in the best way he can to minimize the cost. What provoked Georges Tarabay to direct the video shooting;was his love for the song. Georges likes to encourage musicians.

Q 9: There were bands in the past trying to do what you guys are doing now. None have yet succeeded. Why do you think that you guys have a better chance of success?

Anthony: It’s because our style is different and it’s a mix of oriental and rock. People who listen to Oriental music liked it most in particular.

Nadim: It is about faith and believing in yourself. We took a different approach than of what other bands took. We started with originals to gain a fan base when other bands played covers for years in pubs to gain a fan base before doing any original.

Michel: The opinion about other bands success I will keep it to myself. As for us, we like our job we like what we are doing and I don’t know what will happen next.

Q10: What is next for Beatraid?

Anthony: We are working on our album. It is a variation of styles.

Nadim: A mixture of all our influences.

Michel: The center of gravity of our band is Rock. There will be 7 to 8 songs in the next album, we all composed songs in this album.

Sammy: Some songs are a bit heavier some are more pop. We might have some bonus tracks.

Additional question: Can we dub some tracks as Metal?

All: The maximum will be Hard Rock.

Question for Dary: As a vocalist did she have any difficulties singing the track?

Sammy: Dary did not have any problem singing the song. She felt the song right away. You can tell by listening to “If I die”; there are lots of emotions expressed in it.

Q11: What would you like to say for upcoming bands following the same path?

Anthony: Eat carrot. Watch out on the road.

Sammy: Have a plan maybe an Idol too. Have faith and Perseverance.

Michel: Our band is an upcoming band … If someone can offer us any advice we will be thankful.

I have to say that for success the band must have a target to reach.

All: Never give up!

Q12: Any last message to the Rock Heads?

Michel: I will say one thing to the Rock fans quoting from Rainbow “Long Live Rock and Roll “.

Sammy: Hope you like our song. Your support is very important to us.

Download Track : Click on this If I Die”

  • “If I Die” Lyrics:

I keep on asking myself; what went wrong

Why were we fighting for so long ?

Was the river of love running dry ?

Was a wicked storm passing by ?

Oh baby I wonder

If I die tonight

Would you die ?

Would you cry for me ?

If I die tonight

Would you shiver ?

Bleed and suffer for me

If I die tonight

Would it tingle ?

Oh would it even tickle you

If I die tonight, if I die tonight

Would you, would you

While you’re sleeping on my broken heart

And silence drifts us wide apart

I dream chills growing all over me

But head under sand you can’t see

So baby I wonder

If I die tonight

Would you die ?

Would you cry for me ?

If I die tonight

Would you shiver ?

Bleed and suffer for me

If I die tonight

Would it tingle ?

Oh would it even tickle you

If I die tonight, if I die tonight

Would you, would you

Why do I still care ?

‘Cause I wanted to share

Everything with you

How I wanted to forgive you

If I die tonight

Would you die ?

Would you cry for me ?

If I die tonight

Would you shiver ?

Bleed and suffer for me

If I die tonight

Would it tingle ?

Oh would it even tickle you

If I die tonight, if I die tonight

Would you, would you

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