• Interview
  • This concert is surely an interesting idea and hopefully will be well received by Lebanese rock/metal music fans. Explain briefly the process of getting people and organizations to support this event idea?

Contacting people and organizations to get support, was one of the hardest processes, because of two main reasons: Considering this is RMLB’s first event, so no one expects a good thing, they think that their involvement may be somehow risky and no one expects good results out of it.

Considering I’m 16 years old makes people doubt how serious I am about this event. On the other hand,some organizations (sponsors) and people helped me a lot. I would like to thank them.

  • Are you well prepared to handle a large request of performances? And when exactly will the event be over? (in case there’s still more requests)

We are already getting a large request of performances. To be fair, we will be working on the basis of : First come, First served. Bands and people playing should be on Friday 5 March at 7:30 pm sharp to register their bands in the pre-subscription. They have a limit of 10 min The event will end at 1:30 am.

  • What is RMLB?

RMLB stands for Rock Metal Lebanon. It’s not an event management organization. It might organize future events, but it will be in charge of creating new ideas (could be services, events…).

  • Any message you’d like to deliver to possible attendees of this event?

I would like to tell people and attendees that we really need their support. If they are interested in getting new ideas from RMLB, they should just support us. Thanks a lot guys.

  • Event Details

When: Friday March 5th 2010 from 7:30 PM to 12 A.

Where: Tantra (Hektik Hall) facing Mocean.

Sick of the `same` concept for the rock/metal events? RMLB presents, for the first time in Lebanon, a Rock/Metal Karaoke Night at Tantra (Hektik Hall) Kaslik on Friday 5 March. Do you sing or play any instrument? have a band? Or you simply enjoy listening to Rock/Metal Music? Then this Karaoke night is certainly the best deal for you.

  • Tickets

20 000 L.L. + 1 Drink + 1 pack of nuts (BZOURAT! – Thanks for Sannine Roastery).

Tickets are sold at the door.

This is a new kind of event, a karaoke for all the band, not only for the vocalist. Support this new idea in Lebanon. You just have to add your song to http://RMLB.freehostia.com and your song will be available for the concert (in 2 versions, with vocals and without vocals).

N.B.: The bands performing will be playing along with the music on stage (without a vocal) this is the main concept of this event…this is why it’s karaoke to all the members of the band..Be careful!!

  • Tickets

Gates will open at 7:30 pm and the event will start on 8:30 sharp (this means that pre-subscription will be closed at 8:30, if you didn’t register your song before 8:30 then it’s too late) ———->And if you want to make sure that your song will pass, you have to come at 7:30 so you can register your song in the pre-subscription before that we get a big number of songs)

We also have guest Bands that will play each one for 10 min:

Yesterwind (Avenged Sevenfold)

Placid Buz (­psychedelic progressive rock)

Between The Lines (Rock)

Monarchy (Dream Theater + Originals)

Symphotherapy (Powermetal: Stratovarius)

Guitarists and bassist, you have to get your own guitars (and pedals if necessary) with you (they will be stored safely in a closed room).

Drummers: Drums: Premier 2000 more info soon (if you want more cymbals you can bring your own)

Keyboardists: there will be a keyboard (not professional) but you can also bring your own (more info about the keyboard coming soon)


For Bands that have a logo, please post in on the group and it will be displayed while you are playing on the LCD Projector. Sound Engineer: Roland Azar (Special thanks for Roland, he’s the sound engineer of Alan Azar’s Band and was the sound engineer of Alan at LebMetal.com’s event) You have a sound-check limit of 2 minutes. The show is presented by Diva Khoury, Randi Stephan and Rym Faddoul. Sharp Objects & Drugs are strictly not allowed. The event should end at 1 am

  • Bar – Drinks (Don’t forget the free drink with your ticket)

Small Beer Cup —> 2 000 L.L.

Small coke Cup —> 2 000 L.L.

Big Water Cup —-> 1 000 L.L.

For tranportation from saida contact Mj , 03-930269. Thanks Mj Malulein!

The event is sponsored & supported by:


Almaza Beer

Sannine Roastery


Shadow Metallica (giving prizes)


Hope to see you all there playing! and thanks for all the people that help me realize this event.