The Arcane is one of the most successful Lebanese bands.

  • Band Members

Cyrille Najjar: Guitars, Backing vocals

Karim Abi Saleh: Guitars

Eddy Mounla: Bass, Contrabass

Samer Eid: Vocals

Ibrahim Nassar: Drums

Arcane* have a upcoming new album entitled “Rivers of Endless Sorrow” featuring songs composed from 2005 till 2009.


Sample of album art

The track list is as follows (not in a definite order):

1)Rivers of Endless Sorrow

2)Flame Dance

3)To The Sea

4)Last Dance


6)Listen To Me

7)Human Sin


  • Interview would like to thank Mr. Ibrahim Nassar (Drummer) for this interview.


  • What are the current activities of The Arcane band? Any additional material being recorded?

We are recruiting a new keyboardist as the former member eddy is in Saudi A. Cynthia left the band too.those are the latest news :).

Now we are working on new material for the 3rd album

  • When will The Arcane second album “River of Endless sorrow” be released? Why was it postponed and no promotion campaign launched?

The album is in the printing process. It will be out soon.

But we are doing eveything no sponsor or production company or label.  So it’s on slow motion.

  • Who has worked on the album’s material as music composition and lyrics?

Usually it’s Cyrille or Karim that come with the lyrics, and a riff a line a melody, and then the whole band works on the music as a whole, ideas exchanged, opinions added, etc… everybody then works on his instrument individually, 3, 4, sometimes more rehearsals are needed until the song is “closed”

  • How would you compare the new album to the first album “Birth from Division”?


The new album is different from the 1st one as it is all new material, unlike the 1st album where some songs were written since early 90’s and beginning 21st century hehe.

I think it’s a more mature one. We have many new songs, really interesting ones, showing our evolution, but the sound of arcane is still there.

  • What can you promise the fans as for upcoming gigs or more music samples ? Any videos / messages for the fans eagerly waiting for the second album release?

I think the fans will like the new material, we made an effort on sound and recording.You can listen to a sample track on , if u didn’t do it already.

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