This poem is written by Nataly El Adas, a Lebanese metal music fan, inspired from Gothic culture and music.

Nataly has written many poems with similar topics, expressing thoughts and emotions that are present in every human being.


An old lantern lights the frigid way back to my sanity

underneath the black sun i have strayed

faceless strangers draw my path

with a smile they devour lambs

the smell of blood oddly aroused my senses

join us their voices echoed in my head

a flickering flame burned in my eyes

sweet temptation has tainted my soul

i can hear the heartbeats of my victims within my veins now

i walk with shadows

erase my face…

‘gladly’ they murmured

lust, swallow my body

from the womb of darkness i am reborn:

empowered master and pathetic slave i am

i hang my soul on a web

now,gather my children…eat my memories

my conscious

eat my past!

i want you i need you to bleed for me so i can feel alive


i roamed aimlessly the land of the forgotten

for so long it had seemed endless with it s emptiness

merciless with it s familiarity…

i clawed my way to the edge

there i gazed upon the moon

it has cast a spell,that night

into silver it has turned the sea

for pure souls grazed it s surface

oh moon i plead thee! find me

order this silver beauty into the hallowness that i am

fill me up

i have disgraced the splendor of darkness and the purity of light

forgive me i implore thee

a beam of light whispered : i shall send you where you belong

my lamentations were finally answered

on the edge of sanity, of my insanity i stand

there i can see the pain through the laughter,it s my reflection

there i can see both worlds, their monsters, their wholesomeness

there near that old lantern

underneath the moon

on the edge, is my home…