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“WORLD PAINTED BLOOD” is a very daring album, just like all their previous material.

This album is very realistic and describes a real life scene- at least in this release they are. Raging with anger and hate, Slayer kick off with their “World Painted Blood” title track. This one is characterized as a newer version of their thrash metal, typical new wave of American metal. Yet it contains the fast – heavy riffs and Slayer’s old school “Reign in Blood” like mood; Successful way to mix both elements! Same thing goes for following tracks ”Psychopathy Red” and “Not of This God”. This album is very impressive as they are standing tall with rebellion, hate and anger; attacking governments, media, technology, the so called God and the whole fucking human race. They are praising Satan “Satan’s hand begins the end, and frees the world forever” as he is their vision of freedom (NO they are not satanic, they don’t even believe in religion). Their lyrics in this album are somehow a “wake up” call for their fans (so are all their releases), yet they use very twisted, evil, showing no mercy images, and this is what makes them unique.

It’s about time people woke up and took a look around them. NEW WORLD ORDER is Slayer’s motive as it is shown in their lyrics ”disease spreading death, entire population dies, dead before you’re born” “tip the human scale follow revelations plan, it must come to pass, secret shadows lie, blue prints haunting dreams , in which manipulation wins , speak no hidden fears , religion neutralized , emerged from the dark sadist mercenary ride realm of this world, godless messengers, sickless, mindless hate, becoming evolution’s cure”. Simply, this band is just disgusted by what the world has to offer. They are aware that is impossible to “fix” the world; for media, religion and political brainwash is dominant. They don’t really give a fuck; they are spreading their hate worldwide. This is where their “Hate Worldwide” track lies; it is my personal favorite song on this album.


Regarding their composing offers, they deliver their message in a highly professional way (it’s the least they can give their fans after more than 20 years of experience and dedication). Nevertheless, Kerry and Jeff’s riffs and solos are mind blowing, heavy as fuck, as usual. Tom’s vocals are very rebellious, extremely evil and raging of pure hate. Let’s not mention the fact that he is getting older, and that it is normal for him to face changes in his voice according to his age. Too bad the “Show no Mercy”, “Hell Awaits”, “Haunting the Chapel” and “Reign in Blood” screams and high pitches are not going to be repeating themselves. Dave’s comeback is just something that pleases me, for I am glad to see my favorite band unite once again in its original lineup.

World Painted Blood

Of course, music wise, this record is nothing compared to their older releases. But give the guys some credit and respect for their hard work, not that they care, but they deserve it. There are some tracks though, that are very ridiculous and to an extent, disappointing, such as “Playing with Dolls” with it’s useless lyrics and boring guitar works. I also didn’t like the distortion that was used for guitars, sounds very weak and doesn’t adapt enough to their thrash metal.

As an overall view of this record, it is worth buying and listening to since it’s just another success by the gods of thrash metal!! Much respect to them, let’s hope it isn’t their last release!