Victims Of the system is not just an abbreviation its another dimension of explanation the term of being the victim of legends proved themselves in the musical century , you all surely know i am talking about System Of A Down.Some say SOAD died , some say they quit , some say they are coming back , well its not a dream coming true but a passion for their music , Armo Guys in V.O.T.S will be performing the best out of SOAD legendary tracks , to show their love and respect to the most amazing tunes of Armenian metal band SOAD.

V.O.T.S has one of the most talented young characters of the Lebanese Metal scene , we have Chriss from Element 26 , Yervant & Roby From Overload on the music section and Serj Panossian from Headstones on the vocals part. They hope to serve you with the best of SOAD and make you feel the return of the legends back infront of your eyes , you can try to imagine someone loving this band much and losing them , means alot! so were gonna give you the best out their shits.

1-Why victims of the system, and why u choose S.O.A.D ?

Serj: Where should I start. 1st, we are living in a fucked up society, you look around, bref, everyone’s a victim of our system, talking about politics and religion.Why Soad?! Well Despite their rather aggressive music and stage , SOAD’s members are all dedicated pacifists…so are we (members), then In their music, they address the Armenian genocide that happened earlier this century in Turkey. We just enjoy the political messages because we’r all Armenians.

2- Do you have any form of contact with System of a Down?

Serj: Actually yeh, Shavo is my mom’s seconde cousin, already interviewed Serj Tankian and Shavo Odadjian, was pretty nice of them, but unfortunately there’s no sign that says “S.O.A.D” REUNITES.


3- Can you give a teaser about what is going to played at the event ?

Serj: Umm, Victims of the System will be covering songs from “toxicity”,”System of a Down” and “Steal this Album”, and lets just say that there will be BOUNCING, some pshycho, groupie, Cocaine crazy whores, and you better be bringing your own BEER to Watch us. Hows that for a teaser?!

4- Is system of a down going to be covered only or are you going to cover songs from Serj Tankian’s solo project or from Scars on Broadway ?

Serj: Well my friend, this band is , how do we say it , “tessleye” might be a malicious word, but there’s nothing that serious regarding V.O.T.S … so I think wer going to play some “commercial” covers,even though I respect Serj Tankian’s & Scars’ work … we might play “Empty Walls” later on, hell of a song.


5- What are your hopes and concerns about the event ?

Serj: V.O.T.S will be the closing band, so my hopes are, lets say.. more then 20 people in front of us. Globally, speaking of the event (Lebmetal’s 1st concert) … I bet it will a blast.

6- Any last thing to add ?

Serj: 1st thanks for the interview mate,2nd S.O.A.D fans, I know I aint no Serj Tankian, but wer gona try our best, so prepare yourselves for a hell of a show … cheers.