One of the bands that will be playing on December 26th is Level 7… We asked them some questions regarding the Overload/Level 7 issue and the LebMetal Night!

LebMetal: Tell me what happened with Overload and why Level 7 ?

Yervant: Well about overload as we said before… it was just musical differences and different aims and goals.. nothing personal…. and about level 7 , the name was taken from a science fiction novel that’s actually called level 7… in this novel level 7 is an underground military complex that contains the buttons to launch nuclear missiles… when those buttons are pushed world war III starts… so it means war.. and by war i mean aggression , brutality , power , rage , vengeance , hatred…. or simply vulgar display of power and the rise of brutality !

Elie: I’m not the right one who should tell the story since i wasnt in overload..but in brief i can say that LVL 7 is the continuation of overload with a bit of twist. Founder Aram didnt want to give his former members the name Overload so both sides decided to call it off and continue under another name.
All i can tell is that musical differences and ego-type behavior led to it…but that’s not the case with LVL 7 since we all work together and musically we’re on the same level.
And since Saint Vicious also wasn’t working that well since the original line up left, i felt that LVL 7 was the band that we should fuck shit up;)
Roby came up with the name and it was very catchy..i guess ill let him explain it to you..all i know is that it means war.

lvl 7

LebMetal: Is the band sticking with the same style ?! Recalling that Overload was covering some groove / thrash metal covers.

Elie: The band is still within the same style, but shifting a bit from thrash to hardcore giving it a more modern approach in terms of breakdowns and heaviness…
Machine head , soulfly , cavalera conspiracy are still on the list, we added new bands like chimaira, throwdown , hatebreed, stuff that people arent much familiar with which gives us a fresh style and fresh audience… i don’t think covering slayer or pantera will do it i think people had enough of it so many bands played thrash before..its time for something new.

Yervant: we are actually playing new wave of groove metal with some hardcore influences specially the breakdowns… hopefully you’ll hear the originals that we are working on soon.. not at this concert.. but soon enough !

LebMetal: I remember you once told me that Overload was workin on an album, what happened ?!

Yervant: yea we were working on an Ep album.. we played 2 originals at our last 2 concerts , secrets of humanity and survive or suffer , we had good reviews on them… and we also had 2 other originals that we were workin’g on but never had the chance to play them live… so they will be kept under overload’s name.. maybe someday we’ll be back who knows…


LebMetal: What are ur expectations towards this event ?!

Elie: Well first off all we deeply support LebMetal and that was the case from start. i just hope a huge audience and a good sound system/lights. If we dt support each other in the metal scene no one will care about us. I hope this will be one of many concerts that LebMetal will organize in the future.

Yervant: this is the 1st event organized by Lebmetal… and our first event as lvl7… so its a new start for all of us… we just hope the sound and lights wont be disappointing… and of course the audience will be great… so good luck to all of us !

LebMetal: Anything you guys want to add to your fans and for ?!

Yervant: i dunno if we have any fans yet 😛 but to all our friends and “overload” fans c u all there… u wont be disappointed !

Elie: i guess with this band we’ll have a bigger audience, i hope we’ll be able to have fans from different styles, since we r a groove/hardcore band, so metalheads and coreheads alike wont be disappointed;)

Thank you Serj for this interview… cheers.