Few weeks ago I was contacted by Mr. Shady through my email.

Shady Introduced me to his band “CHAOS” and sent me samples, I was surprised to find out that arabs in “Palestine/Israel” the land that Shady calls “Land of Chaos” are making Metal music with “Heavy” lyrics.

Who are Chaos?

Written by Chaos, the biography :

Chaos was formed in Nazareth, Israel in 2006 by five Arab friends. Chaos is one of the rarest bands in the Arab sector in Israel that have been known for their distinctive genre – i.e. Metal. The main topic behind their lyrics is the social, political, and daily struggles of people living in Israel. The problems faced here is what pushed them to make a change and to make history in order to try and transform people’s lives. By creating such an influential music, people can understand the meaning about the painful reality they are living in. This Holy Land has turned into a cursed one.

Guitar: Fadi Mabjeshfadi-mabjesh-guitar

Chaos released their first demo album “Brave Free Souls” towards the end of 2007. Their main gig which took place in January 2008 was a hit for everyone. It was hard for some people to believe that the members of the band were Arabs who could play such a kind of music. “Brave Free Souls” had a considerable influence on the fans and on the band itself. Therefore, they decided to make a video clip for this particular song, and chose Mount Precipice in Nazareth – where, according to the Holy Bible, Jesus used to pray – as the perfect setting for shooting the video clip. After all the success of the first album, they focused on getting into the studio, and started discussing the new ideas for their next step towards creating their second album “Silence Before Chaos”.

getattachmentsssDrums: Fares Salem

That was the name of their second album and, at that point, the band came to a realization that humanity was fading away day after day and life was becoming more and more like a living hell. People are becoming racist, greedy and intolerant of each other insofar as they are willing to kill each other. That is the main idea behind the lyrics. In other words, Chaos are here to fight these distasteful thoughts and defend people’s rights to live freely and be treated equally.

getattachmentsssssGuitar: Firas Naddaf

The following quote communicates Chaos’ message to the world:

“take a look around you, see the truth, tell the truth and acknowledge it. We all deserve to live in peace, no matter who you are, no matter what color you are, we are all equal human beings.”

getattachmentsVocalist :Shady Far

  • Interview with Chaos

On behalf of Lebmetal.com I would like to thank Chaos for this short interview.

  • Rami: How was the response on Chaos first demo “Brave Free Souls” and how do you expect the response to be on the upcoming album ?

Chaos: ok well the first demo album was our first door to the METAL scene we didn’t expect people would notice us, cuz we are living in a place where everyone

doesn’t like to help the others, and specially cuz we are Arabs! but truly the first album did his part to open the door for us and not expecting a journalist

just came from no where wanting to make a documentary movie about chaos and a music clip with low budget!


When we decided to change our concept in music, the band had a tough time repeating the same line I said before living in a country where evreyone

hates each other! our too guitar players in the band became monsters making really tuff riffs

deep emotional with anger. And for me as a writer who sing in the band I was just like them angry sick of this place that we called CHAOS LAND.{Israel\\ Palestine}

I took my new concept to the political way which you can say universal politic!

our concept is to say the truth and only the truth nothing bu the truth AMEN! chaos is going to be the peace fighters caring nothing but pain and true message

I hope soon we are gunna get signed that way the message will be delivered quick and i got to say our new album is going to be THE BEST IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

  • Rami: From what are the lyrics Inspired who does write them and who composes the music of Chaos?

Chaos: Well shady far is the lead singer of the band he is also the writer of the lyrics

sometimes we as members of this chaos family help him with few ideas. But we trust this guy cuz he knows what he is doing!

The music composed by ferass naddaf and fadi mabjesh the too guitarists of the band, actually our influence is not so specific cuz we just like chaos theory different

things mix with each other developing such a honest pure METAL.

  • Rami: Did chaos have any legal problem ? Do you consider yourselves underground band?

Chaos: No we dont have any legal problems and yes like we said before chaos is not signed yet so yes we think we are underground band.

  • Rami: How do you think the future of the middle east will be ? especially “Palestine/Israel” ?

Chaos: Well we as a band who is suffering the struggle in the middle east cuz we are living inside the chaos.

and we always try to live our life normally despite the unexpected situations we see the future is bad this will never end, two cultures fighting for one land

killing each others, innocent people die!, with no reason.

  • Rami: Any message for the Middle Eastern Metalheads ?

Chaos: We need your support, we need your hands and your power help us to help others.

lets make history together no matter who you are, what religion you have we live to live we deserve to be free saying what we want. Its about time to be united against the UNACCEPTABLE INHUMANITY.

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