Greetings, my name is Anthony Abdo, I’m a guitarist/composer, I play bass and drums as well. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the Lebanese University. Music and medieval history are my main interests, I’m a Metal fan and I appreciate all type of arts.


March of The cross” is a song that I wrote a year ago, its one of many Symphonic Metal songs that I composed, my passion toward the Medieval history encouraged me to write it, the idea behind it, is the constant fight between different religions over a place called “The Holy Land“. March of the cross is a 10 minutes track, divided into several musical sections which place you in different moods, I tried to make it as dynamic as possible, using multiple scales with a lot of time signature variation.Due to the lack of material, I had to record it in a “RSE midi” format.

My main project is to form a Symphonic Metal band with these influences, I’ll be aiming for Live Performances and Demo Recording.Concerning the members, I’ll be searching for a Female and male (Growler) vocalists, a Drummer with a strong “Double Pedal” Technique, a Creative Keyboardist, and a bassist. I might be looking for a Violinist and a Cellist too, so anyone with a strong musical background is most welcome to help me out.I will be happy to answer any questions related to this matter,  just contact me at