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If you have any story that happened to you or anyone while at a concert, do share the story with a comment?

The worse thing that has ever happened at concerts is when the crowd rushes to the front and people get trampled to death. People get high, drunk or just have too much adrenaline and push/shove their way to the front; sometimes they form a wave, knock people down and then others “walk” on them. It’s the worst disaster when people get hurt at a music event.


  • Security hitting people

Instead of stopping the fights > they enjoy being a part of it.

  • Band Members Getting Hurt

The worst thing I can think of is Dimebag’s death while playing a show.


  • People and Property Damage > “A Guns and Roses Concert ‘96”

The stadium was packed and Axel was extremely intoxicated. They played for about 15 minutes and left because he couldn’t even sing he was so impaired. People were furious because they pay good money for their tickets and they hardly perfomed. People started to burn stuff on the parking lot, there were several people injured and damaged property because people wanted a refund. A partial refund was issued.


  • At the ACDC Family Values Tour of ’07

At least 7 people were kicked out due to extreme sod fights. I hate those. I like to watch the concert, not duck from the sod.At Ozzfest, the bands yelled at everyone to quit sod fighting. A bunch of idiots decided they were cool and kept ramming into random people. They had 3 people bleeding.

  • Altamont concert, San Francisco CA, Dec 1969, Rolling Stones show

Cconcert goer (moshpits) stabbed to death by a “Hell’s Angel” (the incident was taped)

  • Jim Morrison arrested on stage

during infamous New Haven CT show in 1967… Show was cancelled as a result.


  • Doors concert cancelled in 1969

Due to Morrison enciting a riot for alledged public obscenity, lewd and lacivious behavior… Riot caused stage to collapse.


  • Alice Cooper “Vancouver” concert

He was so drunk he couldn’t remember the lyrics, and fell over several times on stage. A half hour into the show they pulled the plug. The crowd were given a partial refund a week or two later.

  • In Toronto, James Hetfield

He was hit by a pyrotechnic that was fired early, and got third degree burns all over his body, so Metallica had to end their set early. After that Axl Rose refused to take the stage, which caused a HUGE riot.