Some say that since the pact of Robert Johnson with the devil, many supernatural apparitions and mysterious deaths happened. These mysteries may sometimes seem almost as unbelievable as the idea of alligators lurking in the sewers or people giving away free beer. Unexplained events, never-forgotten history cast out in the shadows of the past. Rumors or facts? It is up to you to decide!

The Suicide Song:

In 1933 Reszo Seress and Lszlo Javor, two Hungarians, released a song called “Gloomy Sunday”. It was dedicated to the composer’s ex-girlfriend: she killed herself shortly after the release. Later, Reszo Seress also committed suicide by jumping out of a building. The song was being held responsible directly to the death of 17 other people in Hungary so it was banned there.


Hidden Messages:

Did they intend to make them? Or was it just a coincidence? A long time ago, when the good old vinyl disc was still alive, some bands used to send these subliminal messages which could be decrypted when listening to the vinyl in reverse. Amongst these bands: Legends of rock “Led Zeppelin” with their hit song “Stairway to Heaven” which says before the solo: “oh here’s to my sweet Satan”. Also, the Beatles sent the following: “Paul is a dead man, miss him! Miss him!” in the song “I’m so tired”. But the coolest subliminal message is that of Pink Floyd , where in the song “Empty Spaces” a voice informs you that you just found a hidden message!

Jimmy Page The occultist:

Famous Led Zeppelin guitarist is thought to be an English occult specialist. He has the second largest collection of Aleister Crowley’s works; He is also considered an adept in Black Magic. But Kenneth Anger, a film maker and longtime friend of Anton Lavey states that Page’s interest in the occult is only to gain fame.


Dave Mustain >> a spell caster?

Megadeth’s vocalist/guitarist/composer/writer/founder/frontman stated that he used spells to obtain the results he wanted during his career. He also used magic charms to lure women. (You may find this normal for Dave who was a drug addict and who was never sober)


In 1999 a band consisting of 9 masked members made fame in the metal industry. And rumors concerning their identity soon rushed to the mainstream: who are they? Some say they are wanted for justice, some others say that their masks are those of notorious serial killers. Some that they are famous artists who wish to stay anonymous … And some others say that their faces are mutilated!


The Door to the Doors:

In July 1965, Jim Morrison was lying on a roof near Venice beach. After consuming lots and lots of drugs he heard songs which he memorized the lyrics during his hallucination. These songs will later be The Doors songs.

Diabolus in Musica:

The devil’s music was thought to be infernal and seductive which is why in the medieval ages some intervals and scales were banned by the church.

The Wizard of Oz:

My favorite part of the article which includes my favorite band Pink Floyd:

The relations between their album Darkside of the Moon and Victor Flemming’s Movie The Wizard of Oz are actually unbelievable. If you play the album and the movie at the same time you might find that the first sides of the vinyl and the part in black and white of the movie have the same duration. The song The Great Gig in the Sky starts when a storm in the sky approaches Dorothy’s farm in the movie. When the scarecrow in the movie sings: If only I had a brain, the song Brain Damage starts. The last track of the album “Eclipse” ends with the sound of a beating heart. At the same time, in the movie, Dorothy puts her hand on her chest. Also, the soundtrack of the movie is “Somewhere over the rainbow” while the album cover is a rainbow emerging from a prism.

Weird no?

-Source: Guitar Part Magazine.