Here is the track “Be” by Pain of Salvation (beneath it you will find lyrics). I advise you to stream the hole track then listen to it, it will not take time as the video is single pictures > you’re only streaming audio.

The lyrics are written with interpretations and questions added by me. The text is for sure long, I am sure it will be hard for anyone to read all comments, so there is a large part left for you to reflect on.

P.S.: Lines are numbered so you can point out arguable ideas. After the 50th line I didn’t add any more comments. I am just showing you the way… Add your own questions or personal point of view related to any line in your comment.

1. I am

2. I am

3. I am Awakening and realizing existence

4. I was not, then I came to be Realizing Creation

5. I cannot remember NOT being There is no conscience in the state of non being, thus no spirit (GOD!)

6. But I may have traveled far, very far, to get here There is no space for GOD. Why is there a sence of travel. (Maybe as part of us humans, we define all that we don’t understand as Alien from far away like U.F.O.)

7. Maybe I was formed in this silent darkness Space as silent darkness. GOD “formed”…

8. From this silent darkness From space nothing or or the energy of space like the Universe we now know

9. BY this silent darkness The “Silent darkness ” might have conscience and intentions

10. To become is just like falling asleep The human approach is easy to understand, but sleep is a state where we loose awareness of existence, somehow the opposite

11. You never know exactly when it happens NO precision in timing and conditions are never the same

12. The transition There was an initial state before “becoming “

13. The magic Something we cant understand and hard to bind to logic although it means Beautiful.

14. And you think, if you could only recall that exact moment That moment of creation would be the answer

15. Of crossing the line Closer to the human logic and the understanding of the process as a very narrow (Short phase “LINE”)

16. Then you would understand everything Again it is the answer to all

17. You would see it all Human perception. Humans can best understand things by seing and observing

18. Perhaps I was always Timeless GOD, infinity

19. Forever here… There is no here in space, but here in existence

20. And I just forgot GOD can forget ?

21. I imagine Eternity would have that effect Maybe… Eternity can be a cause, but GOD is all powerful and has no “Human” temporary memory

22. Would cause a certain amount of drifting Drifting as loss of focus; it would probably mean a temporary loss of interest in the existence and surrounding events.

23. Like omnipresence would demand omniabsence The old cold/warm, Dark/Bright, good/bad… Balance in nature

24. Despite the apparently paradoxical notions of the two concepts

25. Somehow I seem to have this predestined hunger for knowledge As we are an image of GOD he too might have the hunger for knowledge we have. (And this is the big thesis, Does GOD have all the knowledge?)

26. A talent for seeing patterns and finding correlations There is always a mi of divine and human description. Talent is human.

27. But I lack context Existence seems hard to understand and explain even to GOD

28. Maybe it’s like that for every being GOD considering himself as every being he created. The father is not different from the son

29. Every conscience Referring to the existence of conscience without being (the spirit)

30. Every life Life is more as what we are and everything else on the planet

31. Maybe I am the only one Only GOD, there might be other entities like GOD

32. The first There might be others GODS in future… Or with the evolution of the universe

32. But just my ability to grasp, even expect, the concept of Others

33. Suggests a larger context Does the ability to perceive a thing confirme that it exist ? That is a dilema by itself… The most common answer is yes.

34. If I could only figure it out Figure out Existence

35. Who I am? God again does not understand himself and his existence

36. In the back of my awareness I find words Again God is comparing his nature to the human nature and conscience

37. I will call myself… GOD Finally God found a name, the name by which we call him “God”

38. And I will spend the rest of forever Some expressions are complicated and express alot of contradiction; surely you have noticed hundreds of them by now. And “the rest of forever” is another one.

39. Trying to figure out who I am No answer yet. The more God asks questions, the more questions arise and no answers still…

40. What this is all about “It” = Existence

41. Trying to understand the system of Life Seems that God is part of the system not the creator

42. Trying to understand myself

43. I created the world to be an image of myself, of my mind We say we are the image of God. Is the world with destruction and evil too?

44. All of these thoughts, all of these doubts and hopes inside What shall I say here? Is God that insecure?

45. I took out to form a new breed with every sentence i find a new philosophical question to ask. Is God a breed? or a singular unique entity?

46. A new way to be Are we a new way of Gods existence?

47. And now I am many, so many Are we equal with the entity “GOD” each one of us > so he is so many ?

48. So much larger than ever I were If we are part of what God is? How can God grow in our creation? What do we add to his existence?

49. Yet, at the same time

50. So much smaller and more vulnerable We are small, we are vulnerable. What is the point of our creation?

51. They all carry shards of the whole Together they become me I see them interact, develop

52. I see them take different sides As were they different minds Believers of different ways, and different gods

53. I think they will teach me something Every time they come back to Unity I understand more

54. And I get more and more scared In them I see parts of myself I didn’t know

55. Destruction Guilt Despair They become less and less parts of a whole

56. And more and more just parts You see, we are all like bricks Together we form the whole, the larger picture

57. But they spend their lives wishing to become gods So they become less and less aware of the bigger schemes

58. So that they can say, proudly, at the end of their days They wanted me to be a part of this large construction

59. They wanted me to be to help build a house, a bridge, a castle, a new world But I remained myself all the way

60. I stayed true to my own beliefs And remained a brick!

61. Man is shattered I am shattered

62. My shards have become shards of their own Pieces of pieces, impossible to put back together

63. They leave me They do nothing more than spending their lives

64. Seeking a context they were already part of Until there is no alternative And they leave the context

65. And I shrink I fade

66. And nothing more can be learnt or taught I must leave them to themselves

67. I understand one thing though Searching yourself is like looking for the house you stand in

68. You will not find it It’s everywhere It’s all you know

69. And there are no other points of reference Many times Looking for yourself

70. Is losing yourself Understanding Is being

71. To be or not to be Was never the question Nor HOW to be

72. Just Be Am I? Thus God creates man

73. Man enslaves God Gods are created by Man And enslaves man Like Man’s slaves Becomes her gods

74. In the end We are all lost

75. And we all kill what we seek We all fail to find the answers

76. And on the way We create a new way to be We create the answers we are looking for

77. But they will be lost As we were

78. Our need to know ourselves will make them come looking for us Seek us And we all kill what we seek

79. Again and again Nothing remains And nothing is ever lost The only meaning

80. Is not to look for meaning Just close your eyes for a second

81. And you might hear it all For a fleeting second A frail moment Impossible to grasp or keep

82. Yet beautiful and absolutely clear You might hear the only answer

83. Be Be Be

84. I Am!