Band’s genre: Crossover thrash

Active years: 1984-1990, 2003

Listening to their blast beats reminds u to bands like GBH and Black Flag, nevertheless they seem heavier then you think where not only punk governs their songs but also thrash riffs quietly often persist. They released one EP, one Demo and 4 Studio albums. Songs like “Lowlife” and “Money Talks” attained high rankings and are known to be one of their best songs. Crossover made them quiet comprehensive; actually, that’s partially what’s so great about them. They are just metal enough to play with a set of all metal bands, and just punk enough to play with all punk bands. And they did both. They?could play with Slayer and get punks at their shows, or they could go play with a punk band like Dr. Know and get metalheads at their shows.

Something apparently absurd about them is their album art for instance political issues can be found drawn there which show their constant vigilance concerning these topics. However that doesn’t stop them from adding humor and irony including the contradiction which American propaganda encompasses.

Personally I consider their album “Money Talks” the best. This peculiar album contain 21 songs; I won’t talk about all of them but I will give small words describing every song and a ranking which you may find helpful to decide what to listen to carefully and what to go over it quickly.

Starting with the album’s name song Money Talks: Weird bass, total chaos > should be awesomely played in some metal gig for moshpiting. I would give it a 5/5 for its very profound blast beats, and when it comes to the lyrics nothing seems more obvious than their hatred towards capitalism and people’s greed, talking about simple minded greedy people whose only goal is to gain money. I would give it a 9/10 according to its message.

Wake up: A well played bass intro suiting to the song’s atmosphere; as the song goes on, it’s easily spotted how the drums got weirdly off sync with the rest of the instruments > still it’s quite good. I would give it an 8/10 because the vocalist rendered the song a bit core which I don’t fancy it, adding to it the length of the song which is 2.05 minutes.

Freedom of Expression?: Another bass intro, but this time the drum doesn’t unleash immediately its blast beats and the song is more like a James Bond-ish song. Around 1:43 minutes a solo starts which is rather simple, yet the originality of this song lies in its simplicity. I would rate it as 9.5/10; I like its ending!

Could be Worse: What I find interesting about this song is their ability to play extremely fast and then convert the tempo to a slow symphonic rhythm. This is absolutely weird talking about a crossover thrash band. Rated at 8/10.

Menace to Mankind: This song is surely one thrash song by excellence > what only differs from thrash is the vocalist’s scream rather than growl or clean vocals! Awesome for some headbanging which got surprisingly interrupted by another solo which appears around 1:43 minutes / ends shortly after to let the blast beats in again providing this song some chaotic, oblivious manors. Rated as 9.5/10. A nice echo is induced to this song finishing it in a remarkable way.

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