Darkthrone is one of the most influential black metal bands in the history of black metal. This band started of as a Death Metal band with a twist of black metal imagery and symbolism, their debut album Soulside Journey was their breaking point and it really depicted the band’s talent and musical composition. After “Soulside Journey”, Darkthrone developed some kind of resentment to the Death Metal scene, claiming that the scene was becoming too commercial, so they decided on taking a different course that really changed Darkthrone from a promising band to one of the best black metal bands in the world.


At first their record company Peacville Records had their doubts about the transition, and they thought that it would result in failure. However, the band proved the opposite; “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” was Darkthrone’s first “Black Metal sounding” album. It really was the transitional album for Darkthrone it marked the changing point for Darkthrone from a somehow Technical Death Metal band to a PURELY old school influenced Raw Black Metal band.


After “ A Blaze in the Northern Sky” and in 1993 Darkthrone produced their first REAL Black Metal album and many people agree that it was the cornerstone of their career. Under a Funeral Moon was a raw, cold, breahtaking and riff-dominant album. It really showed that Darkthrone are made for Black Metal, it was also very clear that Darkthrone are influenced by old school thrash metal bands and first wave black metal bands such as: Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Bathory. This album was also the album that featured the end of “Zephyrous’” performance. Since it was the last album to feature him.

After that album, the band became a 2 man project consisting of : Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. After Under a Funeral Moon, Darkthrone recorded another spectacular album called Transilvanian Hunger. This albums sounds poorly recorded but it is at the same time one of Darkthrone’s most significant album. Varg Vikerenes of Burzum also aided the two man project on this album with writing some of the lyrics to some of the songs on the album. So this album was somehow created by 3 Black Metal geniuses so it was definitely an album that was destructive in the positive sense.


In 1998 an all-star album was created in order to praise Darkthrone. This album featured members of well-known bands, bands such as: Emperor, Satyricon, Gorgoroth and Enslaved. This album really reflects Darkthrone’s Importance in the Black Metal community. The band at that time was still recording Black Metal album. However, there were punk elements introduced and they became apparent in every new album.


In 2004 Darkthrone recorded their final Black Metal album and after that album they again changed their style but this time they took a completely different course; the band became a Crust Punk band,Crust punk originated from Extreme Metal and from Hardcore Punk, tackling themes such as “Real Metal” and other themes. However, they were also successful.

Darkthrone are one of the bands that are simply good at EVERYTHING they do. They were never bad. They never headed for a downfall. Although they experimented with different Metal/Rock genres and subgenres. This band is worth millions and this brief history about the band isn’t enough at all. So if you still haven’t heard Darkthrone or at least tried them out then I highly suggest you do, because this band will satisfy people with different Metal music taste.