Alot of things happen in the Metal scene, locally and internationally. Fans are sometimes disappointed and most of them keep saying “They shouldn’t have disbanded”, “she shouldn’t have left”…

Here are some mentions:

  • SOAD Hiatus (Hiatus: time in which a group of people is temporarily dismissed from its duties)fullcutedaron_avatar_soad_soad_comic

As said by Serj Tankian himself And by Shavo Odadjian on,Shavo’s Interview On

Serj’s Interview on

LebMetal: And now for the typical Question: what is the status of System of a Down?

Serj Tankian: Hehe, well, same as we were before, we’re on indefinite hiatus. Hate this question man hehe typical indeed, I know that our fans wants to hear some answers about our issues”.

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  • Tarja Turunen former vocalist of Nightwish “left” nightwish


“On 21 October 2005, Turunen was asked to leave Nightwish in an open letter by the other members of Nightwish, citing her “changed attitude” and increased financial interest. She responded through another open letter, which was posted on her website in both Finnish and English (the letter can no longer be found on her website, but is available on a fan page ). In February 2006, Tarja’s husband Marcelo posted a message to her website addressing the situation, and asked for anyone who had questions pertaining to the issues between Tarja and the rest of the band to email him.Marcelo then posted a lengthy reply to many of the questions he had received in June 2006.In that answers he refused the accusation that she became greedy. “

  • Local Lebanese pub Cherry’s closed


Goodbye Cherry’s Pub

  • Ark Disbanded


“ARK was a progressive metal band resulting from the friendship and musical collaboration of guitarist Tore Østby (Conception, DC Cooper, Giant’s Playground, Hypose, Redrum, Headcrash) and drummer John Macaluso (TNT, Riot, Spread Eagle, Alex Masi, Yngwie Malmsteen, Powermad), who later joined up with singer Jørn Lande to record two acclaimed albums.

Ark went on hiatus and eventually broke up, with Jorn Lande joining Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch in the classic power metal band Masterplan.” ( Wikipedia)

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  • Lebanese band Arcane* did not release their new album “Rivers of Endless Sorrow” which was expected to be in store beginning this Summer.

aerrArcane’s Official Myspace

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  • Theatre Of Tragedy moved to Electro pop

  • theatre_of_tragedy

    “Released in 2000, Musique was a massive departure from the gothic metal sound that Theatre of Tragedy had developed over the previous three albums. The heavy guitars and Early Modern English lyrics were replaced by electropop and industrial-influenced metal. It was met with a very mixed reception, and while some older fans were understandably shocked by the new direction of the band, it did gain them a number of new fans.”

I think they lost more than they have gained! What do you think ?

  • Britney Spears was born


As a personal opinion, she popularized Pop music (even more) and played a part in the recess of rock…

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