American hardcore/street punk band The Casualties have released their 8th full-length album last month (August 2009), titled “We Are All We Have”.

Conversation between 2 different point of views:

-Casualties fan: Hell yeah! *puts the record in his stereo and starts singing along although it’s his first time hearing it and he doesn’t quite know the lyrics* Awesome shit!

-Music critic: Still churning out the same cringe-worthy and embarrassing parody-laden shout-alongs as they always have, I see?

-Casualties fan: Listen man, this is what the Casualties play, they always have, and they’re pretty good at it. Just listen to the riffs in “We are all we have” and “Lookin’ thru bloodshed eyes”!

-Music critic: Well no one can dispute that the Casualties are good at what they do — it’s just that what they do is tired and long since worn out man.

-Casualties fan: *Lets out a Casualties-like scream which confuses Music critic, allowing Casualties fan to jump Music critic and stab him with his Mohawk spikes*

“the albumis on some kind of never-ending loop — a bit like the Casualties themselves, who have with this latest album proven yet again that their minds remain trapped in some tragically perceived golden age of UK-’82, where nothing ever changes, where the music stays the same.” _

A bit harsh I’d say, the album does have a few good songs, and although it might seem that the Casualties are always releasing albums that sound the same, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Look at AC/DC for example, 20 albums that sound exactly the same and yet everybody loves them for it. Ultimately, I’d say it’s a matter of taste, you either like the Casualties for what they are, which they have once again shown via this album, or you don’t.