Guitar riffs/patterns/solos/techniques are essential elements in a band’s making in a way that the band can have a total style orientation if any guitarist replaces another!

I was personally afraid that,after John K leaves TBDM, the band might fail to keep up to what they’ve always been up to especially when they released their 2009 album this fast, but I was surely wrong, why?

Ryan Knight! Former guitarist of Arsis, known for being one of the world’s most inhuman guitarists, with his technical twists that resulted a fusion between modern death metal and extreme progression (For more, please listen to We are the Nightmare 2008 release by Arsis and enjoy bowing down).

After John K left TBDM, Ryan Knight also leaves Arsis to join The Black Dahlia Murder…and bring forth the latest EXCELLENT TBDM release , Deflorate.

In order to have a simple explanation of why i used EXCELLENT to describe the new release, read the following:

1- Still the same old fuck-like grim band with their unique EVIL deathcore riffs and inhumanly vocals that keep you from settling down on a chair!

2 – Despite the fact that John K (which is behind the ultimate GRIMNESS of TBDM) the band had a great success striking down with one of the grimmest Melodic death metal / deathcore releases of all time. So basically , allow me to say that amongst all other deathcore/melodic death metal bands, The Black Dahlia Murder are the most unique ones keeping away all labels or critics from pushing them up back to the commercial surface!

3- In a progressive matter, all the way from their Debut album till their latest release, TBDM’s infamous drumlines are getting wilder and harder not to forget how unique and solid they sound!]

4- I’ve always thought that TBDM’s guitar solos were quiet perfect for their style, i once thought that if they go more technical on the solos they might sound like any other typical melodic death metal band, but after i heard the solo on the 2nd track Necropolis and the track 9 “That which erodes the most tender”, I gotta admit i changed my mind.

5- Without having to comment, an anti-christian twist throughout the album (example: “Christ Deformed”)

-Bonus : The last track on the album (“I will return”) is DEVASTATING enough to make a nation mosh!

The Black Dahlia Murder passed their test staying true to themselves eventhough John left, now the question is, Will Arsis pass theirs? we’ll have to wait till their next album release! (Starve for the devil – 2010)

Meanwhile, stay grim!