Origin: Serbia

Label: I Hate Records

Info: (Check their website for the entire biography http://www.space-eater.com/)

“Space Eater established a strong name with the audience as one of the best Iron Maiden cover bands in Belgrade; The band applied for the national Radio 202 Demo Masters Tournament and reached semifinals, where its performance was interrupted by the police due to violent moshing and band never actually finished it.


Its music is melodic thrash metal of the American kind, mostly influenced by bands such as Testament, Agent Steel and Heathen. Besides making and playing originals, Space Eater has also been playing cover songs from diverse bands: Overkill, King Diamond, Exodus, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Sepultura and Testament.In February 2005 band has recorded a live demo at Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade that is available for download at the band’s official site and features 3 songs + 1 intro: ‘Beyond Time’, ‘Bombs Away’, ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Merciful Angel’.”

  • Review

I think with Thrash Metal, you get to a point where you wonder if you’ll ever get enough. It’ll all start to sound the same still you’re weirdly attracted to the simplicity of it. Well I’d say that Space Eater is one of many interesting thrash metal bands that know how to stay true to the genre but in a way keeping their sound original. They have that old school Bay Area Thrash sound to them with a sprinkle of Anthrax’s “Fistful of Metal” album, to keep it all tight. The thing that attracted my attention the most is the vocals, which separates the band from the rest of the pack. Their composing is interesting in my opinion for they know how to slow down a song and then pick up afterward with the same energy, if not more!


I also like how they stressed the bass lines (yes they are heard > “Overkill’, “Operaphobia”) and the melody riffs remind me of early Believer (one of the best Christian thrash metal bands ) back in the late 80’s. I would probably recommend this to any metal fan, not only thrashheads since their songs are catchy and the sound is inspired by early 80’s metal while it actually sounds alot more modern. The aggression is there (early Ride the Lightning Metallica-ish attitude) as well as some Maiden-ish gallops ;-).There’s no doubt that these guys have major composing skills, although they base their songs around a riff and a catchy chorus, with solos between.


  • Personal ratings


Bombs Away 8/10 (response to NATO bombing Serbia)

Overkill 8/10

Deceitful Eyes 9/10 (my personal favorite of the album)

The One 8/10

Afterlife 8/10 (their first original)

Death from Below 8.5/10

Operaphobia 8/10

Merciful Angel 9/10 (their second original)

Space Eater 8/10

This is a link to buy the album online, in case anyone CAN and wants that.

BUY ALBUM ($14.29): http://sonicagerecords.com/_shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Space%20Eater&currency=USD

For the rest of you, penniless and credit-less music fans, here’s the link to some LEGAL free downloads right from their website (check it for more)



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