As We all know, Summer Fusion Is one of the biggest events that takes place in Lebanon – and one of the well-known bands, Tristmoon, will be performing there so don’t miss it.

“TristMoon have been part of the Lebanese metal scene since 2006, when they performed live for the first time at Discordance, Furn el Chebbak. Since then the band has played live in around 10 different events, such as gigs, festivals, and concerts, in several locations around the country, the latest of which was Summer Fusion after which the band went behind the scenes to focus on the upcoming album’s production.”

We got among us Tonny from Tristmoon. You’re most welcomed my friend.

  • Being Part Of Summer Fusion two years in a row is a blast. You got anything to say about it ?! Preparing yourselves with some good material ?

Tony: Actually yeah it is a blast to play at one of the best concerts in the country for the second time in a row. I just want to say that this year will be greater than the last one. Yes sure we’re preparing ourselves, and we’re doing serious practices to play one of the best tunes of Melodic Black Metal style, as for the moment we decided to play The Dungeon, Everything Dies, As I Come To You, In The Fields of Death, Funeral.

  • Are you guys actively on the hunt for a label at this point?

Tony: Well, yeah! We are still looking for a label but it’s not that easy to find one, but we are still looking for one.

  • Can the fans expect the new album to be released soon?

Tony: yes everyone can expect the first full length album but, we are facing financial problems to finish the final touches.

We finished the artwork and we are going to reveal it soon.

  • When was the band formed? What is the current line up? What are your goals for next year?

Tony: The band was formed in the beginning of 2005… Sako as the vocalist, Serge on guitar, Gary on bass, Adel on keyboard and I’m on the drums…Next year we are going to compose and record new material.

  • What do you guys have planned in the future for the band?

Tony: Just like any other bands, compose music, record, get fans, sign with a label, and get on tours and concerts.

  • Is there anything else you would like to say?

Tony: We will meet all of our fans and friends at Summer Fusion 2009 I assure all of you that this concert will be the greatest in history of Lebanese Metal Scene.