We would like to welcome Ghaith Elhorr, Vocalist of *ROSWELL* amongst us. You’re most welcomed my friend.

  • The band is clearly inspired by progressive rock and modern rock bands. Who are your biggest influences and how do you use that in creating your own vibe in Roswell?

As a band, our influences are porcupine tree,muse,incubus… yes, they are all different but we’re trying to combine a little bit of each world..but of course,when we play a cover for some band,we play it in our own way.. Roswell’s way.. we’re not a tribute band after all.


  • “New songs being written, new effects and show gadgets added…” is stated on your official Facebook group description. Explain a bit about that (Gadgets and effects)

Well, i’d rather keep it a surprise ;-), but all i can say is that we’re hiring 3-5 guys just to help us install what we have on stage.

  • Are you looking forward to play in such important events such as Summer Fusion II? How are you preparing for that?

Absolutely, it’s clearly the biggest event of the year.. from the band line-up,to the sound/light system, and last but not least the audience… so i think it’s gonna be a show not to be missed.


  • Are you guys planning on recording a new album?

We are, we’re just taking all of our time to finish it, we don’t want to rush into things so we could get the best result.. so there’s no date for it, but hopefully soon.

  • Any last words for Summer Fusion II attendees and the LebMetal readers?

All i could say is that make sure to go to this event.. it’s gonna be awesome.. make sure to have a blast, all bands rock in their own way.. so no one will be disappointed… and after all, it’s all about having fun, that’s why we’re there, and that’s why u should be… and thanks a million to LebMetal for their support…. see you guys on the 11th.