LebMetal would like to thank Blood Ink for this interview, one of many Summer Fusion II related interview.


LebMetal: Word is Blood Ink has switched the styles in the last year or

so…what are the reasons? What is the new style, and how was it achieved?

BloodInk: That is true…the band’s style has recently shifted into a more thrash and technical orientation. The new style is somehow a mix of thrash, groove metal, metalcore + several technical aspects.

Throughout time, the band’s style has been somehow affected by the musical age, and as we matured, our music matured…so with time, things got more stable and the band’s visions became clearer.

As we recruited new members with this intent in mind, the goal got closer.The style was achieved to its best, having in mind to keep a unique sound and approach.

Every instrument in the band has a unique sound and approach, giving this unique outcome.


LebMetal: Blood Ink is one of the oldest bands in the scene…there’s been a lot of lineup changes, and recently, the band has been ‘off’ for a while, was that because of the latest lineup change or were there any other reasons? and what is the current lineup?

BloodInk: For an almost 8-year old band, one would expect a lot of line up changes. More than most bands haven’t even lasted this long. So glad we’re still here!

The term “off” isn’t exactly the right word to describe the situation. We were in a state of change, maturity, and preparation.

We were “laying low”, preparing a strong come back, as said “behind the calm, comes a storm”.

As for the lineup change, some people think that we might have fought with previous members but fact is we miss every moment with every member, and no one can replace anyone. What made us today is the family that we had; we will never forget Farid, Roy, Raghid, and Ouss.

We owe them every passing minute that we encountered.

As for the current lineup, the 2 new-comers, Simon and Joe, are the perfect combination with the old lineup Rab, Roy, and Jad – specially to reflect the bands’ new visions.

This well sought combination, and careful choosing of the new members, is the result of what is, to date, the best lineup.

The curent line up is Rabih Zgheib (vocals), Joe Abdel Sater & Jad Matta (guitars), Roy Naufal (bass), Simon El Khoury (drums).

LebMetal: Summer Fusion is like 3 days away… what do you have prepared? originals, covers..?

BloodInk: Summer Fusion’s play list is combined with a few originals from the old album “Bleed the Ink”, the new album “Brain Infestation”, as well as some covers.

Besides that, we have several things up our sleeves that will be quite new to the local scene, and more or less a surprise to most. We will probably set a new standard when it comes to performance. We can’t elaborate more on that, so just wait and see.

LebMetal: Being part of Summer Fusion 09, do you have anything to say about the whole event?

BloodInk: Summer Fusion is the biggest local metal concert that Lebanon has foreseen so far, and we are more than glad to be performing in such an event. So we hope everything goes as planned, and it will be a most promising event. Rockring events keep getting better and better. So this one is definitely not to miss !

LebMetal: Heard Some of your Originals… nice material my friend… tell me,who does the main composing…& Who are your musical influences?

BloodInk: Each of the band members is involved in the composing process, which results in our unique sound. Of course, every song tends to be ‘started’ by someone, and the work continues from there on. In general, the songs start-off with any of the stringed instruments (guitarists or bassist), but on few occasions, the drummer and vocalist have something in mind that sets the base first.

As for influences, well they’re a lot…to list some bands that influence the different members in the band (in no specific order):

Quo vadis , Gojira, Meshuggah, Machine Head, Pantera, Testament, Dream Theater, Spastic Ink, Mudvayne, Sadus, Control Denied, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, etc…

LebMetal: Any Last Words To your Fans and For the LebMetal site ?

BloodInk: We don’t have any last words, but we have first words, and they will be said on September 11th, Summer Fusion 09. Waiting to see you all there, in a concert that will be a new step to the scene.