LebMetal would like to thank Blaakyum for this interview, one of many Summer Fusion II related interviews.

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LebMetal: The band is well experienced in the scene , do you usually look forward to big events like these?

Rany: Yes, we do look forward for any of our performances because like all bands, we enjoy what we’re doing from the preparations/rehearsals to the pre-performance and of course the set itself. Since the return of Blaakyum, we played in major metal events that were occurring occasionally and each show has somehow its special qualification in the band’s history and hopefully way more good moments are to be added to the book.

Bassem: In addition, since our debut it not released yet, the live show has been the driving force of the band, our fans know us from… of course Am I Black (Bassem Laughing: bloody hell, I hate that song) but recently more from our shows, it is nice to see fans attending our set although we do not play a single cover song, and we do not have a release yet.


LebMetal: How are you guys preparing for this concert ? Any Covers Might be played?

Rany: As for the preparations, we always try to deliver the best we’ve got keeping our shows diverse and as fresh as possible. We do face some problems sometimes due to our daily obligations but that sure doesn’t drive away our passion for metal and good music. We might play a cover at Summer Fusion but nothing’s for sure yet.

Bassem: Actually we use to play a small medley in the end of our shows, a cover medley but I think Summer Fusion will be our first full original set, specially that we have 2 new songs to deliver. As well Metal and Rock mainly has always been a music that criticize society, politics, religion, corruption, injustice and what have you, and Blaakyum is no different, expect something a bit unusual in Summer Fusion. And in this regards I would like to salute Kaoteon who’s lyrics are so critical about society and patriotism, as well as Oath To Vanquish who deals as well with the corruption of human mind. I guess many other bands do that too, so I can’t name everyone, I still have to pay more attention to Postmortem lyrics, Kimaera deals with more artistic subjects, and so does Tristimoon… But I am so glad that the Lebanese Metal Scene is true to what this form of artistic music represents.

LebMetal: What are your expectations from this concert ? Sound and audience wise …

Rany: During the past few years, RockRing has been doing a great job organizing big and successful events taking live rock/metal music to a higher level. As usual, RockRing installs a solid and powerful sound system but this time they promised something even more…and RockRing never disappointed us.We’re expecting many people to attend the event, more than the usual, and RockRing is doing a good promotional campaign. Blaakyum invites everyone who enjoy good music, not necessarily ‘metalheads’; let’s keep this as wide as possible and attract new people into our music.

Bassem: I would like to point out that RockRing’s success is due to their understanding of what a Metal show is, and to the fact that they are not doing this for profit. As I can assure you, they never really made money, specially if you think of the many people who makes RockRing, it is not just one person, and I know for a fact that these guys are working FOR FREE. So hat’s off for such a spirit.


LebMetal: The band is quite old in the scene , do you expect to have new fans from the newer generations?

Rany: The band was formed in 1995 but that doesn’t mean that our music isn’t evolving. First, we don’t and won’t try to adapt to any stream, we just write music that is good to our ears…our music includes both traditional and modern elements not because we meant to but because of the influences we carried throughout the years; so definitely the new generation will enjoy our music.

Bassem: As it is known, from 1995 till today Blaakyum has matured in a very unusual way, because out of the 28 members that were or still are part of Blaakyum, the age range is so wide. Currently our youngest member is 20 while our oldest is 32, and since our music is not just what we are composing lately but from all the past years (definitely enhanced) you can feel that although our style is a bit old-school in its general form, but modernized in the same time. I do hope the new generation enjoys our music, so far from the age range of our fans, I see that this is the case. And hope we meet the expectations of our younglings as much as our older Metalers.

LebMetal: Did you feel that more people got interested in the band after your 7th place in the GBOB? Did that open any doors for you?

Bassem: well well… talking about support, it is really something that this country doesn’t know how to provide for its artists. But on the level of the local scene, I think it was a big boost for us. It drew the Lebanese Metal scene on the international map, definitely we are not the first, as Oath To Vanquish and Kimaera are already singed bands, O2V already did a mini European tour. So yes it did boost us, as well on international level, as we are being offered a show in England lately. So we hope for the best. I would like to point out that I have seen other bands in GBOB who even didn’t make it to the Super Finals in 2007 and yet were so much supported by their national TVs and Magazines and their own country, sadly our beloved country (in its social and political institutions and establishment) not only doesn’t know how to support us and any other talent in this country, but probably doesn’t even care as long as there is no profit for them in it. Pathetic.

LebMetal: Any words for the numerous fans throughout the nation?

Rany: We are now in the process of recording our long awaited debut album which will be released sometime in late 2009/early 2010. For all fans, metalheads and non-metalheads, keep in mind that what you’re listening to or watching is a form of art and the beauty of art is: it can be interpreted the you want/feel. Don’t get dragged by what others tell you just deal with your own sensations. Keep the good music alive.

Bassem: Well I know all the other band members would probably have a lot to say, but for me I say: We Will Rise; and we are rising, so I call to all Rockers, and all Metalheads: we shall hide no more, and we shall be discriminated upon no more. We are the freedom of expression, we are the freedom of thinking and we do not care about this rotten social system we live in, a system that pretends to be so perfect from the outside, while it is hypocritical and so filthy from the inside. And on September the 11th I will be silent no more. We will scream in the face of this society, and I call upon all those who feel the same to join us. Keep it heavy, keep it true, and scream your hearts out, reality is: we live in an imperfect world, we are being pushed around and manipulated, but we are what we are… and we won’t take it anymore.