Here are two cases. Read them and watch the video link before making your opinion.

Case 1:



“Ulver (Norwegian for “wolves”) is a multi-disciplinary musical trio from Oslo, Norway. The band was formed by Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg in 1993, and their current members are Rygg (vocal, programming), Jørn H. Sværen (misc.) and Tore Ylwizaker (programming, piano). Since their first folk metal/black metal release in 1993, Ulver’s style has ever been changing by combining elements of experimental,electronic and ambient music, avant-garde, rock, trip-hop, and their own genre-defying innovations.” (From

Ulver’s album “Perdition City” is pretty impressive and unique, although its not black metal music it still reflects a dark ambiance. I recommend listening to the album using headphones since there is alot of impressive stereo sound effects.

Shadows of the Sun” is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian experimental band Ulver, released on October 1, 2007 in Europe and on October 2 in the United States. The title was announced on July 13, 2007 and the album was described as “low-key, dark and tragic”. Shadows of the Sun received generally positive reviews by critics. In February 2008 Ulver won the Oslo Awards for album of the year 2007 with Shadows of the Sun. The album was also voted best album of 2007 at the website Sonic Frontier.” (From Wikipedia)

Case 2:

Karl Sanders


“Death metal aficionados know Karl Sanders as the driving force behind South Carolina’s Egyptian-themed death metal titans Nile. But there’s more to Sanders than ripping electric guitar solos, death growls and blast beats—the multi-instrumentalist released his first solo album, ‘Saurian Meditation,’ through Relapse Records in 2004, which was perhaps best described by Lambgoat’s Kirby Unrest: “Sanders throws off any extreme music constraints and transports listeners to a world of dark, mystic soundscapes filled with ancient spirits, mind altering visions, and catacombs complex, all of which make for one hell of a debut.” (From

Karl Sandes released two albums: “Saurian Meditation” and the newly highly rated 2009 release “Saurian Exorcism“.

Two successful cases? You tell me.