I guess we all agree that, in general, metal music lacks humor… Still, punk did inspire some metalheads to be humorous while playing some metal tunes (Scatterbrain, Tenacious D, S.O.D, etc). Well, I just listened to Psychostick’s newest album and had some fun while doing so. The 24 (YES 24) songs on the album are hilarious, with lots of fun twists to keep the listener amused.

The band also uses some epic lyrical themes, all revolving around food, girls, beer, etc… Some of these great examples of philosophy are:

“P is the best letter in the whole alphabet,
because it starts the name of the greatest band ever.
The greatest band ever happens to be the one you are now listening to.
We’re the greatest band ever.

“I get online and notice I have E-mail
I click my inbox and see OH WHAT THE FUCK!
20 e-mails are coming from the same guy
I don’t know why he’s concerned about my penis size”


Favorite songs are: Caffeine, P is the best letter, Girl Directions and We ran out of CD space.


Funniest parts on the album: Just when Caffeine is about to end > “That’s right! Ill be right back, need to go take a shower” > “What the hell man we just started the metal”.

Beer, part2 > who doesn’t like to hear people vomiting? 😀

Attempt at something serious> squeaky toy ruins the attempt at something serious.

Vah-jay-jay > hilarious 9 seconds.

Well, let me rate this from many point of views:

Brutal/Extreme/Death listener’s view: 1/10

Punk/Thrash/Hardcore view: 9.5/10

Anyone who enjoys fun music: 9/10