• August 14 2009: Progressive Nation

Dream Theater

Zappa Plays Zappa


Scale the summit

Concert started at 6pm and finished at 10:40 pm.

Strangely after we bought our tickets and went in expecting to see a big empty space to serve as metal head “jungle”, I found out that even at the arena center chairs were placed along organized numbered rows!


No space for mosh pits, not even headbangs… I am sure both are difficult to do while seated! 😛

I have Google-d Dream Theater related stuff and found out this on Wikipedia under “Moshing “:

“Other bands have expressed varying degrees of disapproval regarding mosh pits. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, in an interview published on his website, described mosh pits as a “problem”:

“ I think our audience have become a little bit more attentive and less of that type of moshmentality …I understand you want to release that energy… butonce people start doing that during “Through Her Eyes” it gets ridiculous …So this time around we’re consciously aiming at theaters that people can actually sit down and enjoy the show and be comfortable …without having to worry about their legs falling off or being kicked in the face by a Mosh Pit. So thatwill probably eliminate that problem anyway. ”


A brief description of the concert:

Scale the Summit were the first to start and strangely at 6 pm as stated on the tickets! (something that never happens in Lebanon). Those guys are very young but for sure they have talent which is very promising. They lack a bit of practice in some tracks they played, especially the lead guitar player. The drummer is the most interesting member of this band, since he has his own style in drumming combined with much and much creativity.

BigElf was next to start. Honestly I did not like that band at all, since it was mostly showing off especially the vocalist talking about himself and the instruments he has: ” Yes they are original and old.. ” (He has a 60′ keyboard…and other vintage stuff ” Wow that’s great and all, but the music is not that good… at least live.

Next came Dweezil Zappa and his amazing band Zappa Plays Zappa playing Frank Zappa’s original with alot added but with really the same spirit! Every track was beautifully played! (especially “My guitar wants to kill your Mama”)


And finally Dream Theater! They had an extra stage set behind the main stage hidden by a big curtain. Behind that curtain was Portnoy’s fascinating drum set, as usual having not less than 40 pieces. Jordan Rudes had his custom made keyboard stand which rotates 180 degree and is rigid enough to support that huge “Kurzweil” thing.


Behind them as usual a big screen that serves the theatrical performance. The sound was at its best. Tracks were played without a single mistake!

And that my son is a Dream Theater concert!

N.B: Taking pictures was not allowed but I am Lebanese 😀