Violent Theory, Oblivion and Thrash Storm > Old School Tribute II event!

Mary’s review:

Violent Theory live in concert.
So the concert starts with the Judas Priest tribute band.
The band delivered good music with their crazy front man who didn’t fail to attract the crowd.
However a couple of songs weren’t given enough credit, like Touch of Evil and Afraid to Shoot Strangers, the vocalist needs to work on his high pitches more in order to move the feelings of the crowd since the music they are playing is very sensual.
The band lacks certain harmony between the members, the only one putting up a good show was the front man, however the glass of whiskey and cigarette on stage are not such a good sign.
Over all the show was good and with all the flaws that could have taken place, the crowd enjoyed good music.

Patrick’s review:

Violent theory went first , with their charismatic frontman who indeed adds the necessary spark to the band and revives the allmighty Halford for a moment in time. They played a nice small set of songs, the best including Judas Priest’s Ram it Down and Touch of Evil. I thought the sound wasn’t that good at first then it got better once the band itself warmed up to the crowd’s energy.

Then the crowd prepared themselves for Oblivion’s fiery set which did last for an hour or so. Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the universe” kicked off their show, while the fans immediately kicked the speaker 😛 Some modifications had to me made, including a brick wall known as a security guy who protected the speaker against future blows , while the band continued their Sabbath/Maiden show, with epics such as “Iron Man”, “Hollowed be thy Name”, their originals including the fans’ favorite “Misc” and several other songs which showed good musicianship and band chemistry, definitely with the two guitarists battling against each other ‘s solos. A special performance by Metamorphism vocalist Raphi was greatly admired and loved.

And last but not least, came the band that mostly everyone in the crowd was waiting for: Thrash Storm, the old school thrashers from Hamra played a remarkable set including originals and some covers such as Venom’s “Black Metal” and Metallica’s “Whiplash”. The band has the attitude of an 80s’s thrash metal band, as the crowd started the circle pit which is considered rare by many, since the majority prefer the unorganized moshpit. There were thrashy riffs and impressive fillings from their guitarist and drummer while the bassist/lead vocals kept the energy way high by laying down some stormy thrash vocals.

Overall the event was a great one, strictly for old school heavy/thrash metal fans.