After being contacted by the band, I have set some interview questions as well as an review of their new EP called “Hold on Littly Boy”. The band is formed by 2 people: Max and X-Roth. “The most important influences in their music are Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Death Metal but the music experiments create another atmosphere with drum machine, synth and more.”

Part I: Interview

  • 1- Would you please tell us more about the band and how it started?

Maxroth was born in the winter 2008 when me and X-Roth. created a new idea of underground music: innovation. The type of music is not conventional because we mix many different extreme music genres (Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Black Metal) but the new technology like synth and drum machine create a new wave of sound.

  • 2- How did you manage to transform a blend of Thrash/Death/Black metal into avant guard music?

X-Roth play music like Industrial Rock e NY-Hardcore and I’m a extreme singer and my experience are Death Metal and Thrash. The union of this two types of sound and hard work create a new avantgarde metal. The secrets is the union, hard work and the friendship.

  • 3- What about your lyrical themes?

(Max. and X-Roth.)
Hold On Little Boy is a little concept album. The story talk about a soldier, war and vengeance. When this boy returns at home, he sees destruction and death because the enemies’ lines has been already passed there! He understand the enemy is not on the war line but in his town, in his mind and in his heart (A Place We’d Called Home).
The next song talk about first part of his vengeance. The capture of an enemy and his torture. He sacrifices him to find the strenght to fight the enemy once again! (Hypoxia) and the last song talk about a war to religion. the reglion as a false utopia of life, and slavery of the human race. The title Jihad is like a mirror. When the humanity manipulate the reglion create a false utopia of life, and slavery of the human race.. this is the mankind tumor. (Jihad)

  • 4- “Hold on, Little Boy” just came out this year. Did it have the success you wanted?

We appreciated the people feedback on our demo. Now we’re working on some new tracks that maybe will be included in the final release in October 31st. 

  • 5- What do you expect in the near future from Maxroth?

In the near future of Maxroth I will expect 4 new songs for new album and We search a label for our project..

  • 6- Any final words for the fans?

(Max. and X-Roth.)
Sorry for our bad english ahah but we will write very fast this interview!
You can listen to our demo on our myspace
In our Official Myspace you can find photos, more information about the band, dates concert and more..

Part 2: Review


The EP starts off with marching troops/experimental sounds which is clearly appropriate to start the album in a weird way that will define Maxroth’s work.

Rating: 3.5/5

A Place We’d Called Home

Epic start, with the black-death feel to it. The drums do sound ‘artificial’ or industrial if you’d say so, vocals are weird/distorted: the mood is captured. There are some haunting vocals in this song, followed by a fast part, with keys in the background to reach a sudden stop, followed by an industrial inspired mood, weird and appealing.

Rating: 4.5/5



This fast paced song shows the death-thrash elements of the band, with some lovely vocals. At the middle, it gets a bit electronic, with a nice distorted riff. It’s clear that the vocals provide the experimental aspect of the band, in my opinion. The song stops suddenly, then schyzophrenically starts again 😀 At 4:15, they got a gr8 mood going: Maxroth should play soundtracks for weird movies.

Rating: 4/5


Starts off with war sounds, people dying, middle eastern melodies and distorted guitar riffs/vocals. It got some headbang parts in it while the synths dominate the song. It does have a black metal aspect if one notices the guitar work.

Rating: 4/5

Give the band a listen if you’re into experimental, industrial or avant garde metal music. You won’t be disappointed for sure – LebMetal Admin.

  • Updates

Gabriele: ” Hi! Now you can listen to our album or download it for free on jamendo:”