So we got an interview with Element 26’s vocalist Kamal as he answers some questions related to the making of the band’s music, influences and overall message in their songs.

LebMetal: “New American Gospel” has an interesting blend of power and technicality – how did the band achieve this combination?

Kamal: In my opinion the band moved to mix up many sounds coming back from the original wave of metal and the new wave of metal… this is how the combination was structured.

LebMetal: What do the band’s lyrics deal with? Future vs present and past?

Kamal: The band’s lyrics are also a combination that deals with the experience of the past going through the reality of the present until reaching the planification of the future, and somehow it deals with politics nowadays, corrupted societies and defective nation systems and religious interventions and myths.


LebMetal: So let me ask you about the Lebanese metal scene. What do u think of it?

Kamal: The Lebanese metal scene… hmmm… it is shifting from a stage to another, but it still needs a bit of time… the main issue is the structure of our society today in Lebanon and people’s maturity with accepting one another, u know?

LebMetal: Let me switch gears and ask you some questions about your upcoming album, What’s your favorite song off that album to play live? and why?

Kamal: My personal favorite song in the album so far is till now : “Under this flag” and since the album isn’t done yet and we have some songs, to put on it the final touch I cant assume that this is my final decision =D but so far it is Under this flag. Why ? Simply because i love what I’ve wrote in this song, to deliver a certain message to the listeners, a message many of us wants to put the light on it… and say God damn it , Fuck you , you bunch of corrupted politicians, its time to stop the wheels of fraud that you rolled. It is a message of truth about Lebanon and its people. I guess the message is very clear if you read the lyrics.


LebMetal: What about the composing aspect? Who handles what?

Kamal: The main composing is done by Alexy, Chris adjusts the drums line and I write the lyrics, but we all share many ideas in everyone’s position since the three of us plays or at least have an idea of everyone’s instrument.

LebMetal: We would like to thank Element 26’s frontman Kamal Khoueiry for this interview.

Kamal: Thank You Serj, see you soon mate…