We all enjoyed the smooth Pink Floyd performance of BandAge At Tribute hall II and now Bandage will be playing again, at Summer Fusion 2009.

I’d like to welcome the band’s keyboarder Charbel Nacouz (also a member of Kimaera) amongst us. The band’s fans would surely like to know more about the band itself.


LebMetal Let’s start things off with a brief history of the band. How did this impressive lineup come together?

Charbel: It all started up with a common desire from Paul Garabed, the guitarist (also a Kimaera member) and myself, to create a rock band where we could play our favorite rock tunes. We got in contact with our lead singer, Nathalie Jeha, who suggested we recreate her former band, BandAge, that was formed in 2004. Tony Abou Haydar, our drummer, joined us at the very beginning, but we struggled with many different bassists before finally settling on our current one, Rany Battikh


LebMetal: What are the common influences that brought this band to life. Would your originals portray those influences and more?

Charbel: Our main influence is Pink Floyd, although our repertoire includes a vast array of rock styles, from soft to alternative to classical. I must say we have to satisfy all tastes, especially Tony’s reluctancy to Pink Floyd; he’s more of a Helloween and Adagio fan! (laughs) But the originals we’re working on would definitely fall under the Pink Floyd influence, we can’t get too far apart from our role models now, can we?


Charbel: How do you describe BandAge’s show? Some people have called it captivating.

LebMetal: We, as BandAge’s members, have been friends for a long time, and there is a very good chemistry within our group. We really enjoy the music we play, we work hard at improving ourselves, and give the best out of every song; I think this is what we reflect when we’re on stage, and I’m very happy to hear that it captivates our audience.

LebMetal: What are your expectations regarding the band?

Charbel: First and foremost, we would like to expose our band to the public; Lebanese rock bands are still very poorly advertised, unfortunately. We created a group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=43571856632&ref=ts to let the people who know us hear about the concerts we’re having, and hopefully get a larger exposure.

LebMetal: Are you looking for a major label deal?

Charbel: Who wouldn’t? :D-


LebMetal: Anything else you wanna add to the fans and to the LebMetal site?

Charbel: Keep rock alive! m/

You people are helping us exist. Thank you for your support, all of the fans out there, and thank you Serj and your great site who help the audience be aware of what’s going on in the rock/metal scene around the country.