Dead Kennedys literally unlocked the gates of punk rock in America, formed in San Francisco California in 1978. Pioneers of hardcore punk along with other bands, they gained a solid reputation and massive number of fans and supporters in the punk scene all over the world.

Politics was the major influence in writing lyrics for their songs adding to it the casual punk humor. Nowadays, it is definitely common to see a DK on some guitars of the best bands in the world (Slayer?) which persuades us the importance of this group and their impact on the music industry worldwide.

  • Lineup

-Klaus Fluoride-Jello Biafra

-D.H. Peligro

-East Bay Ray

This is the original line up but of course due to conflicts and health issues, the band had to frequently change their lineup to maintain the band.

One of their best songs is Holiday in Cambodia, covered by several bands including Serj Tankian/Foo Fighters. It brutally attacks totalitarianism comparing the fancy lifestyle of the American people and the slavery in Cambodia due to the Pol Pot regime. I necessarily oblige everyone to just check them out, listen to their songs for couple of hours and focus on lyrics because this band will surely give you a blast.