Winds is a progressive metal band from Norway with an amazing lineup and coherent composition.

Members are vocalist Lars Eric Si (Jack In A Box, Before the Dawn, Khold), guitarist Carl Aaugust Tideman (Arcturus, Tritonus), drummer Hellhammer (Jan Axel von Blomberg) (Mayhem, Arcturus, The Kovenant) and keyboardist Andy Winter (Age of Silence). ( Source )


One of their best albums would be: “The Imaginary Direction of Time

Tracks: (with rating )

1- What Is Beauty?—————–5:02—–( 8/10 )

2- Sounds Like Desolation———0:34—–(6/10)

3- Theory of Relativity————-4:45—– (10/10)

4- Visions of Perfection————5:16——(9/10)

5- The Fireworks of Genesis——-4:15——(8/10 ) Have similarities with “Black Star” by Yngwie Malmestein.

6- Under the Stars——————-5:36—–(6/10)

7- A Moment for Reflection——–5:55—–(6/10)

8- Time Without End—————4:09——(8/10)

9- The Final End——————–1:08——(5/10)

10- Beyond Fate———————2:49——(7/10)

11- Silence in Despair————–4:54——-(8/10)

12- Infinity————————–3:16——-(5/10)

Sample Videos:

Theory of Relativity:

What is Beauty: