On June 25th 2009, The Kordz played their launch gig for the album Beauty & the East at Nova Club.


The Album is best described by The Kordz themselves, taken from their Myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/thekordz):

“In the last two years, The Kordz have been working with Grammy Nominee producer Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Static X, White Zombie, Breaking Benjamin) in Canada, Los Angeles and Lebanon. Working in the studio with the star alt-rock line up composed of drummer Jeff Burrows (TEA PARTY) and Andy Curran (SOHO 69), the new album “Beauty & the East” effortlessly combines opposite, divergent, musical worlds in a stark reflection of the band being the living proof of coexistence of various beliefs, religions, different mindsets, and cultures. Probably for the first time, these worlds have been engineered on such a high professional level, serving fans of modern alternative rock, traditional Arabic harmonies and those people always searching for something unique.”

The Hit single “Last Call” is the best proof that this blend of culture can be achieved. The Massive success of the single is although a clear sign that fans of both cultures are looking for this unique beautiful blend.


Back to the Launch gig… I will describe it in short sentences:

-The crowd was good and the place was 80% full.

-There was a TV channel shooting and interviewing.

-Gig started at about 11 pm.

-Sound system was great.

-I couldn’t hear the track names in the beginning as everyone was screaming 😛

To speak about the music itself:

– It was clear that The Kordz have worked well on composing beautiful material, beautiful beats, harmony and melodies.

-Maybe due to time factor some tracks where not practiced well; there was some inconsistency and few mistakes.

-I was expecting more guitar solos in tracks.

-I noticed that some tracks parts did not fuse well (which can although be related to practice).


STILL, overall I think the album is really promising. Playing the first gig for a new album doesn’t always sound at its best, and I know if it sounded good live then it should sound great on record… We are still not much familiar with the new Kordz but the new musical world they are experimenting in is captivating to all music lovers.