• Part I: Interview

I would first like to thank Sunpocrisy for this interview. We are more than glad to support new bands in the metal world, especially ones with great talent, creativity and the will to earn the appreciation and respect of metal fans around the globe.

  • 1- A first question would generally talk about the band’s beginning, but that is well explained in the press info provided by the band on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sunpocrisy.Yet, a question does pop out which is about the late existence of the band. As said, you became a complete band in 2007, which is 2 years after the idea of having a band was born. Did you have problems finding the perfect members to join the band?

(Jonathan) Exactly. As you said, Sunpocrisy was born like a duo, formed by me (guitar and vocals) and Carlo (drums), with the aim to create some progressive/death metal. After one year, Matteo, a friend of mine since we were children, join the band and our compositions became more complete and articulated. At this point, it was quite hard to find a bass player that really “feels” our idea of music, that is not so simple to listen and play. Unfortunately, you can find a lot of guitarist and singers, but the bass players are a sort of “rarity”. So, after a long search in our town, testing a couple of guys, in May 2007, we have finally known Gabriele, that were the perfect musician that we were in searching of to complete our band.


  • 2- How about the local scene in Italy? Do you think it’s active and progressing towards the best?

(Jonathan) The local scene in Italy is full of interesting musicians. We have shared the stage with really cool bands like (EchO), Hateline, My Angel’s Fist, Synapses and many more that, in different ways, propose interesting music. So, the problem is that here in Italy, the metal scene is an underground reality, where is really hard to find a label that trust in young bands, and help they to get out from the underground. The sad thing is that if you look at some different music realities, like United States, you can see that there’s a lot of young bands that play shows and tours around the world. Of course, this is not always a good thing, but surely in hundreds of similar proposals, you can find some great bands that try to create something different from what the music trend dictate.

  • 3- Back to the album itself, were you at ease while recording the album, having so much influences involved, as the idea of being true to those influences and to people who expect great work from a band with such influences?

(Jonathan) Honestly, we are not so much interested in searching a definition of our music using influences. Of course, influences are useful to create, in who approach to our music, a sort of idea of what he is going to listen, but it’s only a basilar indication. Every member of the band have a different musical background, and this characteristic contribute to create a mixture of different feelings in each song we create, that is always a personal interpretation of what we consider good music. Our main aim is to create an unique musical proposal that allowing the people to recognize our style, like a sort of “trademark”. So, we were perfectly at ease while recording the album, because we really trust in our music and, as I said, we not compose our music following a determinate influence, but the process is exactly the opposite: we write what we feel and after we try to find some indications to define what our music is to the other people.


  • 4- The EP contains 4 songs and runs for a total of 37’14” mins. Not so many bands release their first EP having such extended and well, impressive songs (Personal opinion). What was your expectations after releasing the album?

(Jonathan) Thank you so much for the beautiful words about our music! We know that 37 mins for 4 songs is quite unusual, but is not a problem. Each song we create is exactly the perfect way to communicate a determinate idea or concept, and we really don’t care if we need 11 mins to reach this objective. So, I don’t exclude that we can write a 3.30 mins song, if it will be the perfect length we need. I think that the only one parameter to consider a song, is our personal feelings about it, and stuff like the length of the song, or the musical gender it belongs, are not important. Anyway, usually, the people who appreciate a certain type of music, like ours, are not scared about listening some extended songs.

  • 5- Do you think that this work will enable you to have the required attention to attract any major label? Are you not interested in that at the moment?

(Jonathan) Of course, we are really interested about it! We are spreading our music as much as possible, and we have send some copies of the EP to some labels. It will be fantastic if we could realize our first full length with the support of a label. I think that “Atman EP” is a good self-produced release that generally represent the variety of our sound, we have spend a lot of time taking care of every single detail in each song. Although, we are so much evolved from those 4 compositions, taking the best from what we have created and developing our music in some new directions. So, we are still waiting for our possibility!


  • 6- How about the new material? Any scoops regarding that?

(Jonathan) Ahah, there are a lot of scoops, we are really excited about new materials! The new songs are great, more articulated, complex and atmospheric than our past compositions. Besides this, we will use some new instruments and other stuff that contribute to enrich and complete each song. We are also working on some lyrics, considering the possibility to realize a concept album. There are some other news, but we want to preserve it to create a final surprise!

  • 7- Any final words for Sunpocrisy fans?

(Jonathan) We would first like to thank Lebmetal.com for the opportunity to talk about us and our music, we really appreciate it. We want also thanks our fans and friends for their everyday support, inviting them to follow us (we are organizing some dates in our town and around Italy) and stay tuned for some news about the new material! see you soon!

On behalf of LebMetal, I’d like to thank you again and wish you all the luck in the future.

  • Part II: Review

Aeon’s Samsara

The perfect way to start an album is to put the most ‘different’ and ‘unique’ song which represents the band the most as the first song. This one is spectacular for the feelings, composing and vocals which set a mood of their own which is appealing to anyone who appreciate a unique taste in music. Then the band shows their originality after nearly 5 minutes into the song; this is when it gets really interesting, musically. Guttural growls show a small doom influence but are based in the death metal genre. At 7:35, the Opeth-like part of their influence kicks in! I forgot that the song is nearly 12 mins long, and that’s a sign that Sunpocrisy know how to keep the listener in their impressive mood circle.

Rating: 5/5 (That’s rare)


This song is technicaly impressive indeed; it starts with a deathly epic feel alongside the great guitar work. The song gets progressive from the mid point onwards as I personaly noticed that Mastodon-ish feel to the great composing which continues through out some blastbeats-razorsharp guitar riffs to the clean vocals (thumbs up for the vocalist for the unique vocal tone). The song is definitevly catchy and well composed.

Rating: 4/5 (almost perfect)

Insanity’s Glove

Isis would envy this band for having such a similar sound, still somehow different. The vocals vary alot and add a flavor to the song which explodes at the 4 minute mark into a weird schyzophrenic beauty. The band’s self produced work’s quality is more remarkable then some bands label releases! A little bit of Porcupine Tree on this song for sure, mixed with fancy guitar melodies and growls. A lovely guitar solo leads to the end of the epic song.

Rating: 4/5

This Illusion

Another great song! The growls are the most impressive on this one, although the musical arrangment at first is also to be admired. Again a new twist is added at the 6th minute as the band expands on the progressive aspect of their music till the end of the song.

Rating: 4.5/5

In the end, a highly recommendable EP from Sunpocrisy who, in my opinion, are going to take the world by storm.