LebMetal: Hello Andrea, I would first like to congratulate you on Lacuna Coil’s new album release, we surely liked it and we would like to ask you some questions about it and about the band in general. Many Lacuna Coil fans found “Shallow Life” different than its previous releases. Did you foresee that as a band that wants to further improve its sound?

Andrea: We surely wanted to improve our sound and make it fresh and interesting; I think that “Shallow Life” is a mature album that includes some elements of our past as well as some new ideas. Overall I don’t see it as such a drastic change.


LebMetal: Apparently each Lacuna Coil album is kind of different than the others. So how do you actually explain Lacuna Coil’s sound?

Andrea: We’ve always incorporated new elements in our music because we like to be a band in evolution as much as we like to be people in evolution. We actually don’t mind to explain our sound; in general we are a mix of rock, metal and dark atmosphere.

LebMetal: What are, in your opinion, Lacuna Coil’s best hits and why?

Andrea: I think that every album has hits in different levels, we’ve been on a constant grow and the new hits are bigger than the old ones just because we’re a bigger band. We need to have hits to sell records but as musician we try to put the best effort in every song.


LebMetal: What are Lacuna Coil’s next projects? Do you plan on recording a new album already or you’re just touring till new ideas come up?

Andrea: “Shallow Life” is still really fresh and at the moment our plan is to tour for a couple of years and push the album as much as we can, we don’t plan the future so much in advance.

LebMetal: Would Lacuna Coil consider visiting or performing in Lebanon?

Andrea: Honestly our touring schedule is mainly focused in the places where we are able to sell records but that doesn’t mean that we will not play in new territories when the schedule will be lighter and if a good offer will come in.

LebMetal : Finally, what would you like to say to your Lebanese fans and Lebanese bands?

Andrea: I would like to thank them for the support and good luck to all the bands, keep the faith and play for your pleasure first.

LebMetal: Thank you so much for this interview. We highly appreciate it here at LebMetal to have an internationally successful band in one of our modest interviews. Good luck for Lacuna Coil!

Andrea: Thanks a lot, rock on !!